Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Dear Mr. Warlick,

I found this article to be extremely fascinating and strange as well. The concept that a video game that requires no obvious language arts application has me confused. If the brain can increase it's knowledge of language arts through simple video games wouldn't more schools and even districts have these games as a part of the curriculum? and what science defends this theory because I have always heard, "video games kill brain cells!". So which is it, just curious?


Dear Mr. Warlick,
I agree with your article "Are we wasting Children?", because I believe that some educators and maybe even  administrators might encourage less fortunate students to drop out. Your article really opened my eyes to the seriousness of the number of dropouts in high school. If this many teenagers are dropping out how many college students will dropout too? What is the limit and when will we as a society stand up for a fair education without being put down by the teachers and staff? I hope that teachers and staff will realize that hurting the students hurts them because less students leads to the need for less teachers forcing the schools to lay off more highly qualified instructors.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

RyanL2010 April 29, 2011

Today in Mrs. Smith's English we started off with the usual Tuesday grammar activity on the board. After Mrs. Smith went over an assignment that had to do with our book The Lord of the Flies. We picked groups, and together we made posters that were covered with all kinds of plots we had encountered from the book. On the poster we put pictures, and of course good old quotes that took us forever to find in the book. Our homework is to finish our Lord of the Flies soundtrack, and any make up work we have left.


Dear Mr. Fisch,

This video that you posted brought very strong emotions to me; it made me think of how I can change my lifestyle to help protect myself from melanoma, because from what I took from the video is how those people said that it is a young person disease and that it is one of the fastest spreading cancers. I think that every teenager should watch this so that they can stop it before it happens to them and possibly takes their life. After you posted this to your blog it made me change some of my lifestyles to protect my skin and to look for signs of melanoma on my skin. I fear that melanoma is going to take many lives if young people like me don’t take the small precautions to help protect ourselves. I think that after you posting this that someone will make this known to everyone and tell them the small precautions to help save themselves. Again I thank you for posting.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Scribe March 28 2011

Today in Mrs. Smith's class we didn't do much. In class we did the daily grammar activity, and then moved on to our Lord of the Flies chapter quiz on chapters six and seven. After the quiz we spent the rest of the hour reading chapter eight. The homework we were assigned, and have been working on is The Lord of the Flies soundtrack assignment which is worth quite a bit of our grade. Remember to make up any of your work that you have not already turned in.


Today we walked in with Mrs. Smith at the door saying hello. After the greeting, we got right into taking a quiz 3. Then we started reading Romeo and Juliet and finished the book. Homework tonight, is redo work such as quiz's, projects, or PLN redo's. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Today, April 15, 2011 was a good day. It was a friday and everyone was excited to get out and enjoy the weekend! But before we could start the weekend we had to deal with first hour english. when we started we grabbed our grammar quizes and started on those. That took about 20 minutes at the maximum. After the grammar quiz we pulled out our Romeo and Juliet study guides and our books. But today was the day we did our Act 2 Prolouge. so for the remainder of class we did the prolouges and we have no homework, except some make up work if you have any.