Tuesday, December 14, 2010












Justin M-

Justin- we need to rerecord this.











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Friday, December 10, 2010

Scribe December 10, 2010

Today we all walked in and started reviewing our homework. Homework for 12/10/10 is TIB Essay Speech, Mrs. Smith’s Christmas gift and Vocab. Test. Justin Cady Skyped into class today. We had a few technical difficulties on Skype like not having a microphone or webcam. Next we did PLN Presentations. People that presented are Ben, Jake, Jack(then Jesse showed up late during Jack’s presentation),and Ryan. Then we split up in to 3 groups, TIB Essay, Working on PLN, and Vocab. Presentation.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Scribe Monday

Today we walked in and everything was normal, music playing in the backround. Today was a pretty normal day it started out like any other and we did what we have been doing for about a week now, reading “Inherit The Wind” By Robert E. Lee, so our homeworks wasto see smith if you want to redo your essay or you can go to writing lab and have them sign your essay, we also have our speech outline that’s due on Thursday, make sure you get that done so you can practice your speech on Thursday and Friday. In class today we finished “Inherit The Wind” and took our final quiz on it so if you where not here you will need to finish the book and see Smith to take the quiz on it.

December 9, 2010

Today we decided the presentation order, Nick Farmen typed that up.  Today is a writing lab day so students can take their TIB (This I Believe) essays to that to get help on making that essay better.    Today we also worked on our final speeches; we took our essays and put it in presentation form, and today, as a class, we went over the TIB rubric, which can be found on her webpage.  Then we went over the outline for the speech presentation next week on Monday or Tuesday, and Smith said we need to bring the rubric to the final.  Tomorrow is the end of these six weeks so it is the dead line for missing or redo assignments for the past six weeks.  The outline for the speech:
-Attention Getter: Explain how this connects to your topic
-Belief statement
-Story that created your belief
-How story connects to your belief
-Conclusion: put it all together         
We went through the time and the speech, and remember not to speak too fast because then you might not end up with a three minute speech.  Today is December 9, 2010.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Today in Mrs. Smiths class we walked in to the average hello. We did the usual response with one person saying hello back. After this we pulled out our planners and wrote down our homework, like usual of course. Our homework is to come see Mrs. Smith or go to writing lab on Tuesdays and Thursdays to get your TIB essay edited and helped so you get a better grade on it. Also tomorrow, Thursday December 9, is our last day to get our visual turned in for our presentation on our essays. Then, we had to pull out all of our vocab cards from semester one and all these words are… Misogynist is a person who hates woman. Misanthrope is a person who hates all people. Miscreant is someone who does evil deeds. Bibliophile means a lover of books or collector of books. Philanthropist is a lover of people someone who loves to do good deeds. A philosopher lives by logic and lives off reason someone who thinks about the world. Malevolent is wishing bad things to happen to others just like a misogynist. Dismal is someone who is depressed and gloomy about life. Maleficent is someone who intends to hurt someone. Benevolent is someone who wishes well upon people. Benefactor is someone who supports others in any way they can. Benediction is a blessing. Study these words because we will have a test on Monday and part of Tuesday on finals. Study the definition, antonym, and the part of speech for the test on these cards. After we went over all of the words class was five minutes from getting out and then we put our computers away and class was dismissed.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Friday, December 3, 2010 by Farmen

Boom ba boom!  The music was really flowing from the speakers this morning, ever since the first bell rang.  We started this fine Friday by first turning in our TIB essays and then this week’s vocabulary card on the word “benediction.”  If you are home sick today I suggest emailing Mrs. Smith your essay, so you may receive feedback on this assignment.  If your TIB essay is turned in late, you will not receive feedback; this can really hurt you if you have to redo this assignment.  Once Mrs. Smith had everyone’s essays, we turned off the jams and got down to business.  Since today is Friday, we had people present PLN presentations.  First up to present was Jon F, who explained an article he read, called “Boys and Boredom.”  Jon talked about how boys have a short attention span, and how this affects the world, education, and himself.  The next to present, after Jon, was Connor M who read an article about a deadly car crash in Highlands Ranch.  Connor preached the importance of driving safe and always wearing a seatbelt while you are in the car.  Connor also mentioned the repercussions if you are not safe, and the affects that this can have upon you.  Once Connor wrapped up, Noah and Jesse both talked about a “Pot Ponzi Scheme” at Regis and Cherry Creek high schools.  This article talked about high school kids investing in a medical weed company and about the police arresting those involved.  After the interesting presentation by Noah and Jesse, we had Ryan L present a PLN.  Ryan talked about a car crash in Lakewood a little while ago.  Since a teenager was involved, Ryan was wondering if Drivers Ed courses were teaching driving skills well enough, and he asked the class just that.  After all the PLN’s, we continued to act out our play “Inherit the Wind.”  If you missed class today you should read from page 89 all the way through page 101, because lots of important things happened in the trial.  When Mrs. Smith saw that it was almost time for the next bell to ring, we put away our books and computers and period one ended.