Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Scribe 3-18-11

Today we walked into the classroom and the music was playing. The class then proceed to greet Mrs. Smith. The class then turned in the grammar worksheet and proceed to take the grammar quiz alone. Then we discussed chapters 1-5 in Lord of the Flies. We continued discussing until the bell rung. Our homework over spring break was the sound track assignment and our make-up work. Today was rather slow.

Scribe 3-17-11

Today the class walked into the room with music playing and Mrs. Smith usual greeting. Then we went over our homework which was, the sound track assignment, reading, make-up work,our grammar quiz and worksheet and our 2 critical and interpretative think questions.  We started our work with grammar, like always. We put punctuation in and made diagrams for both sentences. We also took a quiz over chapters 3-4 of LOF. You can make up any of the LOF Quizzes.We viewed images of war that were not to gory. Mrs. Smith asked if we had any questions on the Sound Track Assignment and nobody responded. We then proceed to read chapter 5 out of LOF and didn't get very far until the bell rung.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Scribe 3/15/11

            Today was a dreary day in Mrs. Smith’s class; we started out with grammar as usual, labeling the different phrases. We then worked with a partner to find facts about William Golding, the author of the book we are currently reading, Lord of the Flies. We found facts that basically explain his take on humanity. Golding was in the Royal Navy during World War II, and believes that all men are evil and savage, and society is the only thing that keeps man from killing each other. Golding also says when society is gone, man shows who they really are, and this should be kept in mind while reading the book. Where there is a group of kids away from any society, our class came to the conclusion that the war was the inspiration for Golding’s   Nobel Prize winning novel. To have more insight on how war could do this to a person, Mrs. Smith shared a story about her dad while he was fighting Vietnam. What had happen to her dad changed his life forever, and Golding’s life was definitely changed too as a result of war. Afterwards we watched a clip from the show Band of Brothers and that would be followed by questions, after we had nothing to say, and started off into space with our tired eyes, Mrs. Smith made us take a group quiz on chapter one of Lord of the Flies. We have a quiz on chapter two tomorrow. We also discussed our LOF soundtrack assignment, which can be a group project, and is to have at least six songs that capture the emotion and story of the book. Our songs should cover four different areas, critical events, character traits, themes/motifs, and symbols for information see the rubric that was handed out during class yesterday. Our homework is to read up to at least chapter three in Lord of the Flies, redo our “Change the World” paper, to thinking of songs for our soundtrack project for the book, and complete any late work.

Why did William Golding Write The "Lord of the Flies"

William Golding wrote the book "Lord of the Flies" in the early years of the Cold War and the Atomic age. He wrote this book because he thinks that humans are natrually evil.  He also wrote this book because he thinks that everyone is an evil savage and because the main theme is the conflicting impulses that individuals have towards civilization. He also wrote this book because he was in WW2 and it gives him ideas and themes of what to write about from the past.

Monday, March 14, 2011

March 14, 2011

Today we walked into Smith’s classroom on a regular bell schedule after CSAP week. We sat down and wrote down our homework in our assignment notebooks which was read “Lord of the Flies”, chapters one and two and there will be a test on it tomorrow. We then did our grammar for Monday identifying parts of speech. The class then watched the last of the pop up poetry groups present which by the way were awesome. Then we finished off class by going over the “Lord of the Flies”, soundtrack project using six songs to describe critical events, character traits, themes and motifs, and symbols. You will also need quotes from the book so pay attention to them.

Who knows more about Golding?

Today, we are going to learn about what made William Golding write Lord of the Flies. I want you and a partner to find as many relevant facts as you can about Golding's life and post both the facts and the source in the comment section. Make sure to find out about where he grew up, important experiences, and reasons behind his belief about the basic nature of man. Can you find out what he believes regarding humans?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

March 8 Scribe

Today we came into Smith’s class after another day of CSAP. It was a long test but it is half way over. Once the bell rang and everyone was seated Smith told us to get out our day planners. In the planners everyone should have wrote read "Lord of the Flies" chapters 1 and 2 by Monday. We also should have written down finish the pop up poetry presentation for Friday. Include all the information on the rubric and remember to have your song on and Ipod. Bring the presentation on a flashdrive otherwise you will not be able to present. For the rest of class we just worked on the pop up poetry project.

Monday, March 7, 2011

CSAP Week March 7, 2011

When we walked into Smith’s classroom today we had already taken three hours of CSAP and we were all quite bored and tired from it. But the day carried on and we continued into our regular core classes. In Smith’s class we worked on our pop up poetry project. Be sure to include poetic devices, trivial tidbits, vocabulary terms, and poet information. When making the slide allow the poetic devices to pop up on the side and say what they pertain to. For homework in Smith’s get a copy of Lord of the Flies and work on your pop up poetry powerpoint. Rest and be prepared for another day of exciting CSAP tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Victor P. Scribe March 1, 2011

Today we started out by the sub Mrs. Glodowske taking attendance then she collected are school  ballad poems ( in which needs to have a rhyme scheme and personification and to tell a story) then  the sub explained the parent teacher conference letters ( we are accessing are learning, reflecting on how we did in class participation in class, growth in writing , where we want to be at the end of the semester, how we are going to get there, how can smith help, it’s a message to our parents. Print 1 copy for smith and 1 for your teachers.  Then we went over grammar for Wednesday. (The type of sentence and clause.)  Then she had us turn to the imagery poem “Combing” after we read it we went over poetry terms. Then we went over how to do are homework assignment which is the Photo graph poem which is 8-9 lines and 1-2 stanzas long. For the poem  we are suppose to look at this from the