Thursday, September 30, 2010

Scribe:Thursday September 30, 2010

First off we went up to the board and wrote down questions we had about the story that we had to read last night. After that, Mrs. Smith told us that we should get out Google earth posts done tonight or by this weakened. Then, we started annotating a story called “Into the Wild”. Mrs. Smith read for a while and then we took turns going around a huge circle, reading and annotating and when we hit a part that people don’t understand we talk about it. The most important thing that we talked about in the story was about characterization and how the people in the story react to things and figuring out who they are. At the end of class, she gave us a Google earth post number 4 to do for homework.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I read "Dear Denver Post, Would You Be Okay With Us Cheating on the CSAP, Too?" by Karl Fisch, and it was partly about The Denver Post story which disappointed Karl "Summer is almost over, and the disappointment about returning to class . . .". Also, in the following week they talked about the New York Yankees player Derek Jeter cheated by saying he got hit by the pitch when he really didn't and Mr. Fisch is telling us that The Denver Post is a bad roll model for young kids because of the article on Derek Jeter is basically saying it is ok to cheat and he is asking the Denver Post if it is ok for schools to cheat on CSAP's. And this matters to me because it's sending me and other people the message that it is ok to cheat but I know it's wrong. For the other people who think they should cheat I think it will affect the world and other peoples education. My question to you is that if people cheated on tests or on sports would it affect the future?  


Came in said hello to Smith, turned in “to build a fire” annotations, looked at HW: write a paragraph on the affect of Chris’s choices on others GE4, PLN8, vocab word, read chapter one and two of into the wild annotate it. Smith told us how to make a good paragraph:
T.S. - title, author, restate question, answer question, why the answer is your answer.
Background info
Examples- clear and detailed
Explain examples to prove answer
Concluding sentence -restate ideas from topic sentence.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Scribe September 28, 2010

We walked in this morning music rocking and received a new seating chart and Smith passed back our short story essays. If you didn’t get at least an A go to writing lab and redo it! Then when class started we talked about our homework, which was to find a Walden quote and picture and post it in Google Earth, for the picture hyperlink it into your entry. Then post your entry anywhere on earth that fits the quote and picture. To cite the quote have quotations marks, then in parenthesis put Thoreau after the quote so it will look like this “quote” (Thoreau). Then there were two other pieces of homework that were to finish the vocab card by Friday, and do PLN 8, go to Google reader and pick an article of your choice and write about why it matters to you. After discussing all of the homework we read “Higher Laws”, and annotated it with connections and questions. Then after that story we listened to the songs “Setting Forth” and “No Ceiling” and related it back to “Higher Laws”. The last thing that we did was edit our papers for Google Entry 2. We only edited for about 30 seconds before the bell rang, and everyone packed up their computers and filed out of the classroom.

Friday, September 24, 2010

What Matters

What Matters

Out the many things that matter to me in my life what matters most of all are California, family and education.

First is my home state of California. California matters to me because of the multitude of childhood memories I have there. One of the most prominent memories is going to the Rose Bowl almost every weekend. I loved going there because I could do a lot of fun things such as riding my bike, walking along one of the many trails or listening to music in the park. Another memory from California was walking the three mile secluded trail surrounding Lake Hollywood overlooking Los Angeles. Although it was a long walk for a five year old to undergo it was a time where me, my mom and my dad could have some good family times. There were so many things to discover on those walks like the eucalyptus trees and the dam. The lake was under the Hollywood sign and we could see Madonna’s house that she painted in stripes. Sometimes we even saw a movie star jogging along the same trail. The last California memory I have held onto for all these years is the ocean. I remember this so much because it was the one time where I didn't have a single care in the world, and was having total and complete fun. Between wake boarding, surfing, and just plain swimming it was hard not to have fun.

My family matters to me. Even my memories of California are about being with family.  One reason I chose my family as what matters is because my family has always been there to support me no matter what. They have helped me rise to each challenge in my life with love and support but they have also been there to lift me up when I have fallen. They allow me to be involved in what happens to me and to make decisions affecting the direction of my own life. My family matters to me because when we get together there is no limit to the conversations we have. We talk about good times in the past and what we want for the future. We have lots of laughs. My family treats me with respect and values that I have an opinion and that my thoughts and concerns are valid and important. One of the things that matters most to me about my family is they have taught me to have personal integrity, to stand strong in the face of adversity and to never forget who I am.

Education matters to me. One of the reasons this is so important is that a good education will increase the chance that I will end up with a steady, good paying job. Secondly, this is important because I know that many people in the world go without education during their lives and they struggle in life because of it. The last reason education matters to me is that it will allow me to be a productive member of society. I can make better choices for myself and those in my life with the knowledge I gain.

Now you know why California, family and education are what matter to me.

Scribe 9-24-10

Today when we walked in Smith was playing her music and working on getting our topic sentence notecards from yesterday back to us. Today is also the last day to turn in late work so MOVE IT! At the beginning of class we turned in our vocab cards before the PLN presentations done by: Justin M.,Connor B., Jordan A, Miles G., and Nick F. After their presentations we went to our Google Earth What Matters Placemarker thing. We made folders for our placemarkers so that we can find our important places. Some of the homework over the weekend is to find and place a placemark along the Yukon Trail in Alaska and name it "To Build A Fire". In the description box we need to post a response about the short story. To copy our work into the description box copy the work from Word and find the placemark, RIGHT click and then go to the bottom and click on PROPERTIES, then paste it. Good bye.

what matters to Jon F

What matters to me-
There are many things that matter to me and that made me who I am. Without these happenings I wouldn’t be anything like who I am now. Some of these things are my parents and friends.
My parents are one of the biggest things in my life, especially my mom. She has helped me with everything that made me who I am. Every time I have a problem she is always someone I can count on to help me out.
My friends are problably the biggest thing in my life. I would have no one if my friends went here. They help me with my problems and any choices I need help with. They support me and always give me something to do. My friends are the biggest changing thing in my life and the biggest thing that matter to me.
These are the big things in my life and they matter to me more then all else.

Scribe 9/23/2010

It was a cold day today and we walked into class and got everything out just like normal, we have to have smith type in her password (I guess she doesn’t trust us) we also have to download it at our house. We have a PLN presentation tomorrow and make sure you work on your attention getter! Your homework is to play with Google earth, finish reading “to build a fire” and answer the question “how do the words and actions affect who others become?”, your vocab card and make sure you turn in all missing work before tomorrow or it’s a Zero!!! We opened up Google earth, right clicked on the my places thing picture on the middle of the left part of the screen and called it first name and last initial. We added a pinpoint at the top at the place that matters most to us, highlighted our what matters post, and pasted it in a what matters to us, take the what matters file and click and drag it into our folder. And that’s it, HAVE FUN!!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


In the movie "The Machine Us/sing us"by Michael Wesch, it gave a bunch of information of what the internet can do for people who know how to use computers.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Scribe September 22, Victor P

In Smiths class today September 22, she collected are comparison essays and she explained the importance of going to writing lab or go in to the English office one of the teachers will be able to help she passed around note cards which we are suppose to write a topic sentence for the short story in class “To build A Fire” By Jack Landon. Lastly for the rest of the class period we had read more of “To Build a Fire” and annotated the story. The homework is to turn in your essay if you already haven’t and turn in any make up work this being the last week to turn in.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Scribe 9-20-10

Today we walked in to the usual music and got back our note cards and our short story books. Also some of the Tests were given back if you hadn't received it yet as well as our new vocabulary word which is bibliophile. A bibliophile is a person (which makes it a noun) who loves and collects books. Also we edited our short story essays if we had them only 8-9 people had their essays ready for editing so please bring your essays tomorrow! If we didn't have our essay we were working on it very diligently. Tomorrow will be a work day IF we all have our essays, if we don't.... Then we will be moving on and we won't get to have Smith help us edit our essays.

Scribe 9-21-10

We started off the day with our normal "Good Morning Smith". Then we all got out our planners and wrote down the homework which is to bring our finished short-story essays to class tomorrow printed out and stapled. Please remember to double space it and put it in M.L.A. format. Since almost everyone didn't do their homework last night, we have lost our class editing time. All editing must be done in your own time now. Smith handed out another short story today. Smith read the first 2 paragraphs and then we discussed what we read. Smith then read 2 more paragraphs and we discussed the plot of the story. We were annotating the whole time she was reading. As class came to an end we all told Smith we would do our homework from now on. We packed up our laptops and class was dismissed.

Monday, September 20, 2010


"Dang, I Just Missed It" by David Warlick was quite interesting article. It talked about an email that went around about Mars being as large as the naked eye one night. He says that plenty of this kind of junk goes around. I think it is funny because scientifically it is completely impossible.
This matters to me because I don't want to be reading mindless junk when I am going through my emails. I want to be interested in the actual stuff that goes on. I don't want to be persuaded into something stupid and be dissappointed. This matters to the world because it just goes to show that the email he read is one of millions of spam emails sent around. If this is what is filling up the cyberspace, it's potential is being wasted on stupid mindless things that some internet trouble makers find funny to send around. This matters to education because if this is the kind of junk that is speaking to students today, the percentile of confused students has probably sky rocketed since these lame emails have started shooting around. I don't want to be learning all kinds of false information because someone out there decided it was funny to send out an email that will kill you if you don't forward it to 20 people in 10 minutes. I think they are so stupid. He explained the mindlessness and pointlessness of it all and I agree with everything he said.


I read the article "Giant-pumpkin growing brothers prepare for family-friendly festival and weigh-off" from the Denver Post subscription. It is about two brothers that are growing a 1000+ pound pumpkin for a contest. In order to get this big it has to grow at least 30 pounds a day. This idea might effect the world by if we can get that big of pumpkins then we could probably make other fruits and vegetables that big which will change prices and quantities of food, and a lot of food would go to waste.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Scribe for 9-17-10

Today we walked in the class with the music playing and the cheerleaders shouting in the hall and we talked about the essay we are suppose to type this weekend, and it is supposed to be double spaced and we have to print a copy and save a copy on our USB drive, and she told us her skype adress which is anneemmasmith. Then Eric, Jordan, Tom then Smith showed us her iPad, then Josh, and then Jon all did there PLN presntations, after those we started writing our essay on our short story essay for about 10 minutes.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Utterly Perfect Murder TS

In the short story "The Utterly Perfect Murder" by Ray Bradbury, Ralph's words and actions in the past influenced Doug the most.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What Matters to Marco Z

What matters essay is in the comments section, blogger still won't let me copy and paste form Word.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

PLN #6

I read "A welcome and a Look back" by Mihai Parparita, this article matters because it disucss Blogline, maybay one of the first blogs ever, closes it's doors on October 1st. Blogline matters because it's not a new young blog it's got gray hair and is a old man, but it's very wise. The article also talks about how Google Reader is exapanding, it's increased dramaticaly over the last 5 years. This article matters to me beacuse we are losing a very important resource that I bit none of us have never heard of. It's like finding a fossil then returning the nest day that it was washed away in the rain. This article matters to me because it symbolizes that there are so many resources out there that we don't even know about. This article matters to education because education can't limit it's knowlege to sites that we know are secure and many people have visited. This article matters to the world because we need to exapaned to our limits not what other people say. What if we never find valuable resources like blogger or wikipedia?

Scride for September 14, 2010

Scride is in the comment section:
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Scarlet Ibis Topic Sentence

In James Hurst's "The Scarlet Ibis", how do the words or actions affect who others become? IN a well constructed topic sentence, please answer the question.

Monday, September 13, 2010

SCRIBE 9-13-10

We walked in the classroom and there was music playing. We talked about a book called “In to the Wild” by John Krakauer. We will be reading this book in about two weeks. Then, we looked at topic sentences and decided what topic sentences were the best. We started reading the short story, “The scarlet Ibis”, by, James Hurst in our short story book.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


In Will Richardson's "Footprints of the Digital Age," the author tells us that teachers need to help students create, navigate, and grow the powerful, individualized networks of learning on the internet.  Students need to do this effectively, ethically, and safely.  Students are creating all sorts of content on the internet and some are not good examples. Students are  doing all sorts of things with online tools that are not being taught by teachers.  We are learning on our own how to network.   Students must be flexible, mobile learners who connect with people and resources and edit content on their desktops, or, their hand held devices.  Now students control more of their own learning and teachers have to help.  Amazing teachers, like Ms. Smith, are already helping their students with these tools.  If somebody looks you up on the internet you're going to want the personal information they see to be acceptable. If somebody is behaving as a misanthrope and putting threatening messages on the internet, they may be denied a job because of their published words. The idea is for student to share their ideas with the world and share their passions for learning so they can be  lifelong teachers, mentors, or friends.


In the article from 9 News titled "Aurora Coach Accused of Hazing Kids," I read that an Aurora High School football coach  got  in trouble for hazing a student. He called the student a "homosexual" and made him run laps holding hands with another student. I think the coach is truly insensitive to make a joke out of a kids insecurities. Not only the coach, but also the kids on the team may be disciplined and the Aurora Public School District is investigating the incident. Overall, I don't think a coach should be allowed to exploit a kid's insecurity just to get a point across. This kind of hazing is harmful and should not take place in schools or on football teams.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Scribe Sep. 10, 2010

This morning when we walked in there was no music playing. Justin M. Jack D. Tom M. Chase B. and Josh L. Presented their PLN’s today. Justin went over false internet information on an article named “Dang! I Just Missed It,” by David Warlick. Jack did his on PLN4 “The Four Mile Fire”. Tom did his on “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” Josh had an interesting story about a jeep falling one thousand feet and killing a woman. Chase had a great ending question about his article of “Is Google Making Us Stupid” which was “Is this much technology bad for the youth”. We all left comments on all of the PLN’s giving feedback of how they did presenting. After all that we got started on the short story “Utterly Perfect Murder” by Ray Bradbury, which starts on page 18 of our green Short Story Workbook.

Utterly Perfect Murder

In Ray Bradbury's "Utterly Perfect Murder", how do the words and actions effect who others become? Please state your answer in a well written topic sentence.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Good morning smith! Mrs. Smith started class by telling us who has PLN presentation tomorrow. We went over the requirements of the presentation and they were to stand up straight, make eye contact with audience, talk about what you are reading, must be creative and interesting, try not to read notes or the screen, No fidgeting, and give a good presentation. Mrs. Smith read the names of who have to come in after school for writing conferences so if one of the names was you, come in after school. Mrs. Smith also asked us to get out our cell phones and text a number if we want to read a little or makeup a little work, and get caught up because I am failing further and further behind, and read a short story so I don’t have reading HW this weekend. Out of all the votes “get caught up- I am failing further and further behind” won! After that, everyone sat quietly doing missing assignments. If you’re missing work isn’t turned in by the 6th week of school, they will all be 0’s instead of 10’s. We finished class by finishing up are makeup work, and Mrs. Smith reminded us that our vocabulary card of Misanthrope was due tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Walked into class, Smith was looking great, but no music was playing. We started class by going over what needs to be on our vocabulary cards again which is misanthrope. Smith told us that we are going to read "Fish Eyes", out of our short stories books and that we have to write a topic sentence on it on the class blog. Then she had us read three different topic sentences and had us choose which we though got full credit, this was to help us see what a perfect topic sentence is supposed to look like, you have to include author, title, and restate the prompt. We then rewrote our "Most Dangerous Game", topic sentences and posted them onto the class blog. Next we read "Fish Eye", and Smith had us write our topic sentences in our short story books and had us post them.

Fish Eyes Topic Sentence

How do the words and actions effect who others become in David Brennar's "Fish Eyes?" In a well constructed topic sentence, please state your answer.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I read an article about a lady who was greeted by a cat on a wall while she was walking down the street, she started to pet the cat, then out of no where, she picks the cat up of the wall and carelessly tosses it into the trash can for no reason. It is the most bizzare video that can be accessed on youtube. It is very strange. The author is an MBC author.

What Matters to Jordan A.

What Matters to Jordan A.

            There are many things that matter to me: sports, family, friends, and even school.  Even though I struggle in school, I still work hard because it is important and it makes my parents happy. I personally struggle in school and no matter what; it feels like I can never get ahead. It does matters though, so I can get a good job and have a less stressful life.

Sports are important to me because I have always had a competitive personality and sports help me satisfy that need. Sports also help me get my mind off things. Whenever I feel stressed about something, all I need is exercise and I feel much better. Football is by far my favorite sport. I love the contact and quickness of the game.

            Family should be important to everyone. Without family people would be total losers. Family is there for you when no one else is. I live with my mom and dad, Joe and Colleen and I have a sister Kirstie who is in college at Colorado University in Boulder. Family helps me get through the toughest times and I would have trouble making it through those times without my family.

            Friends mean the most to me because they are cool. Sometimes I feel more comfortable talking to them than my own family. Friends listen no matter what I say. They also just plain keep me interested. I can hang out with them and never get bored.

            Vacations mean a lot to me. The Appler family goes on at least one vacation every year and it’s guaranteed fun. Our next vacation is planned for Christmas break on a cruz from Florida to the Caribean. We especially like tropical places like Mexico, Costa Rica, and one time we got to go to the Dominican Republic.

            Finally, there is a lot that matters to me. I don’t always show it but I appreciate it all. Whether its friends, or sports, I enjoy spending my time very socially and being a member of a team.
Today when we walked into class and music was softly playing in the back round. The note cards were on are desk, so we knew we would get are new vocab word. This is misanthrope. We have a new PLN and it is free choice from your Google reader. We imported the file with the blog addresses for the whole class so we can see each other’s blogs. We finished The Deadliest Catch and annotated it while we read. We also discussed the book in class. Two people tied to win the rope notes so they both got to pick a treat.

Most Dangerous Game

In Richard Connell's "Most Dangerous Game", how do the words and actions effect who others become? Please write a well constructed topic sentence that answers this question.

Friday, September 3, 2010


We started today with the normal “Good morning class… Good morning Smith.” With the music playing. Then we went over homework. Smith explained that you HAVE to do writing conference; they are an easy ten points, so get in. For homework we need to write a topic sentence for the short story, The Most Dangerous Game. If you got a low score on the topic sentence for Rope, you must re-do. If you need an example look at Nick and Chase’s topic sentences. Just a reminder if you re-do something, you need to remind Mrs. Smith about. You can contact her through email, or your sticky note. Also you can turn your rubric back into her. This weekend we also have the PLN3. The PLN3 you must post in our own blog. You have this weekend to post what matters to you in education, and in the world about google.And finally for homework you need to read your short story to the bottom of page 33, you also need to annotate. We talked about that you have 3 weeks to get all your make-up work in, so get going. Next, we collected the rope notes. Every three weeks we do a reality check, it is a letter from you personally directly to Mrs. Smith. Inside this paragraph you need to write an honest reflection about these last three weeks, and we have to use our vocab word, misogynist. Then in a new paragraph you need to write three goals. One goal specifically related to this class. One goal related to Arapahoe in general. And one goal outside of Arapahoe. Finally you need to say how you achieve these goals. Finally, we worked on The Most Dangerous Game, We circle names, highlight similes, metaphors, etc. Class ended.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Miles G. collage


When we walked into her class, there was no music playing, but after someone noticed they turned in on and loud. Smith talked about the homework. There is an opportunity to finish all our assignments up to 6 weeks after. We have to finish the note card with everything about the word misogynist. Then we finished the movie ROPE. She then talked to us about the topic sentence that we have to do on the class blog. We went over the topic sentences. An example that she helped us create was, “In Alfred Hitchcock’s The Rope, Brandon’s words and actions influence Phillip the most because he convinces him assist him in killing a close friend, David.”We then went over the short stories packet. We are starting to read THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME. We circle names, highlight similies, metaphors, etc. Then class ended.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What matters to JoshL2014

Family matters to me...My family is unbelievable with 3 brothers and 2 sisters. I have been very lucky to have two wonderful households, (yes they are divorced) with loving family.

My mom’s house, who I love dearly, is married once again giving her the last name of Willis. Her husband,(my step-dad) who I look up to as a father, met my mom in the psychiatric hospital working together quit some time ago. My favorite thing about Al, is that he is the calmest guy u will ever meat. You would literally have to try to get him mad. I love my mom’s house; it’s relaxing and comfortable to be around. Being the youngest of my brothers and sister I am pretty tough, taking the occasional beating from time to time. But they are very caring of me.

My brothers, who always keep me occupied, have given me memories that I will never forget. From flipping my entire brothers room upside down, to watching my brothers arm snap in half at his football game, saying "I think it’s broken" while it was hanging down into a V. Being the youngest of my brothers and sisters I am pretty tough, taking the occasional beating from time to time. But they are very protective of me so I love them.

My other side of the family, who lives in Seattle, is interesting as well. From my uncle, who had 120 chickens that were getting eaten by foxes and what not, so he decided to mount a Gatling gun on his porch to solve the problem on his land. Along with my uncles kids, who now work together making playgrounds for kids in Seattle. Of course with their tough personalities, the first time we went down there we went skeet shooting and Ben my brother, shot a fish in the pond and my uncles son of course made the comment, "I wonder how deep he his underground".

Outdoors matter to me....Along with trying out for the Arapahoe

Baseball Team soon, I somewhat enjoy hiking, kayaking, and rock climbing.

I love baseball, because it’s exhilarating, entertaining, and I love teamwork. I enjoy the fact that I’m not working alone, I have a team all working together to accomplish my goals. This goes along with accomplishing goals in my life, like school work and friend issues. It’s exhilarating. because your team is counting on u at the second you have to ball in your hands. You need to know what move to make and when. It’s also entertaining watching your team lose and get better, or succeed which results in a wonderful barbecue or party. Teamwork is what I love most about baseball because it is what a lot of people live by and go with all through life with work, teams, and business.

I also love the outdoors because it gets the family out to be social with each other and just in general have a great time. It gets us to fireworks on 4rth of July and many other things in all aspects of life. The smell of plants, animals, and life all bundles up in the fresh air outside make the outdoors one of a kind. All in all, many things matter to me, and this list could go on for ages and decades of miscellaneous things that people probably do not want to read about, but i love everything in my life.

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September 1, 2010 scribe

Today is September 1, 2010 and it is a late start Wednesday, yahhhhh!  All redo work must be turned in at the end of six weeks to get a grade.  The homework for tonight is on the class blog.    Also all notes from the movie need to be ready to turn in by tomorrow.  On Friday there will be a test on the first vocabulary word Misogynist.  Today we were also assigned to make a vocabulary flash card for this week’s word we wrote the word in the middle its antonyms in the top left corner, a sentence with the word in it in the bottom left corner, a picture of the word in bottom right corner, and a definition in the top right corner.  For the rest of the class we took notes on the movie The Rope.

Rope Topic Sentence

Write a well constructed topic sentence that answers our guiding question for the semester focusing on our viewing of Alfred Hitchcock's The Rope

How do words and actions influence who others become?