Sunday, May 8, 2011


Dear Mr. Fisch,

This video that you posted brought very strong emotions to me; it made me think of how I can change my lifestyle to help protect myself from melanoma, because from what I took from the video is how those people said that it is a young person disease and that it is one of the fastest spreading cancers. I think that every teenager should watch this so that they can stop it before it happens to them and possibly takes their life. After you posted this to your blog it made me change some of my lifestyles to protect my skin and to look for signs of melanoma on my skin. I fear that melanoma is going to take many lives if young people like me don’t take the small precautions to help protect ourselves. I think that after you posting this that someone will make this known to everyone and tell them the small precautions to help save themselves. Again I thank you for posting.


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