Saturday, December 4, 2010

Friday, December 3, 2010 by Farmen

Boom ba boom!  The music was really flowing from the speakers this morning, ever since the first bell rang.  We started this fine Friday by first turning in our TIB essays and then this week’s vocabulary card on the word “benediction.”  If you are home sick today I suggest emailing Mrs. Smith your essay, so you may receive feedback on this assignment.  If your TIB essay is turned in late, you will not receive feedback; this can really hurt you if you have to redo this assignment.  Once Mrs. Smith had everyone’s essays, we turned off the jams and got down to business.  Since today is Friday, we had people present PLN presentations.  First up to present was Jon F, who explained an article he read, called “Boys and Boredom.”  Jon talked about how boys have a short attention span, and how this affects the world, education, and himself.  The next to present, after Jon, was Connor M who read an article about a deadly car crash in Highlands Ranch.  Connor preached the importance of driving safe and always wearing a seatbelt while you are in the car.  Connor also mentioned the repercussions if you are not safe, and the affects that this can have upon you.  Once Connor wrapped up, Noah and Jesse both talked about a “Pot Ponzi Scheme” at Regis and Cherry Creek high schools.  This article talked about high school kids investing in a medical weed company and about the police arresting those involved.  After the interesting presentation by Noah and Jesse, we had Ryan L present a PLN.  Ryan talked about a car crash in Lakewood a little while ago.  Since a teenager was involved, Ryan was wondering if Drivers Ed courses were teaching driving skills well enough, and he asked the class just that.  After all the PLN’s, we continued to act out our play “Inherit the Wind.”  If you missed class today you should read from page 89 all the way through page 101, because lots of important things happened in the trial.  When Mrs. Smith saw that it was almost time for the next bell to ring, we put away our books and computers and period one ended.

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