Sunday, January 9, 2011


At the beginning of class we did our quiz on labeling the parts of speech of the sentence Mrs. Smith had given us early in the week. We had to identify the noun, verb, subject, predicate, simple sentence, prepositional phrase, preposition, object of the preposition, adjectives, and adverbs. Because it was our first test, she allowed us to use the purple packets we recieved on Teusday. After we had completed our quizes, we had to finish our other quiz. We had to answer all the questions in the packet, a short answer, and a rough and final draft of a paper. The paper had to be writen as a letter to Mr. Booth why we think or don't think uniforms should be enforces at Arapahoe. This was to be writen in extended response form which we did plenty of times last semester. We worked on this most of the week and nobody had an issue finishing. That was all that happened on January 7, 2011.

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