Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Friday, November 19th, 2010 by Farmen

Today started with a bang!  We immediately took out our planners, to write down our homework for the Thanksgiving break.  The first bit of homework we talked about was PLN 21; which should be written on the video called “Changing Education Paradigms”.  You can find this video on her website that I have hyperlinked here.  Once you go to her site, scroll down and you will find the link.  Our next piece of homework was very important!  We were reminded of our “This I Believe” essay which should be written and edited a few times over break.  The reason for completing a solid rough draft over break is because it is due soon after we get back, and it would be good to have Mrs. Smith or someone from writing lab revise your essay on the Monday or Tuesday of our return.  After talking about homework, we had some great students present their PLN presentations.  We started with Nick F, then Brendan C.  Both of their presentations were about PLN 19, called “Lost in Electronica” by George Will.  The article they both wrote about talked about the thought processes of men, and their great ability to become easily bored and distracted.  After Nick and Brendan presented, we had Connor M present a PLN.  His PLN was a free choice PLN, in which he read an article called “One Proud Uncle” by Abmin.   In this article, he explained, Abmin talks about how we are focused on receiving a good grade, instead of focusing on learning.  This article said that school needs to be about kids’ learning, rather than kids’ scoring.  When PLN presentations were complete, Mrs. Smith devoted the day to working on our essays.  All of the students in class worked hard to get some work done on their essays.  Overall, if you missed class today you missed some great presentations, and need to complete PLN 21 along with your “This I Believe” essay.

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