Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Monday, April 18th, 2011 - Nick Farmen

Today started differently, compared to most days in English class.  This morning we were not greeted by the beautiful Mrs. Smith, but rather the substitute Mr. Rosenberg.  Mr. Rosenberg greeted students at the door, and then started straight into the homework.  You only had homework on Monday night if you needed to redo any missing work, or had forgotten to complete PLN's one and two.  After talking about homework, students Monday all shared the lines from Friday that students were supposed to memorize and add some creative aspects to, in order to present Monday.  Mr. Rosenberg seemed very pleased with the groups, and most of the class scored very well on their presentations.  Once the presentations were completed, Mr. Rosenberg started into the reading of Romeo and Juliet.  However, in the midst of reading, the bell rang loudly over the sound of the class reading Shakespeare.  We ended the reading from Monday on page 74 in my book, but that may vary for the different styles of the book.  Mr. Rosenberg told the class that we would attempt to read through Act 2, Scene 3 Tuesday, so if you are going to be absent tomorrow you need to read all of that carefully.

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