Saturday, April 30, 2011


Dear David Warlick,

I am a student and I have had some connections to your article. I think some school districts feel that they are wasting their resources on students, and that they would be better off without that student. What schools do not understand is that these students may not be smart or efficient, but they are at school to gain intelligence and efficiency. Most students who attend school start out all wanting to go to college and make a difference, but as the school year commences, some of these students are neglected and mistreated by parents, teachers, other students, and let's not forget the school system itself. These negative factors change the students minds, they no longer feel like they can make a difference, and they no longer feel the need to go to school anymore because they do not see the point. I feel that school districts do "waste" children, but they are not the only ones. Parents and other students also have an affect on the drop out rate f students.
                                                                   From, Ryan Lamb

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