Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Scribe 10/6/10

          Class started out caliginous today, with no music playing, the weather was cloudy with a chance of rain; many people were late to class which made Mrs. Smith very upset, and most of us were playing the flight simulator on Google Earth. After that we went over our homework our agenda, which was reviewing our vocab word philosopher. Today we learned it means someone that loves to ask questions, and that the antonym is realist. Then we rearranged our desks into a circle to read and discusse chapter 8 of Into the Wild. The main point we talked about today was if the characters we read about, all were idiots that just killed themselves in Alaska. Our homework for Thursday is PLN 9 and 10, vocab card which is Philosopher, Google Earth entries one through seven, and short story easy redo. I just hope that tomorrow will be a better day than the one today.

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