Thursday, October 7, 2010

Scribe for 10-7-10

We come in on a fall morning, with Smith greeting us at the door.  Strangely, there was no music.  First Smith told everybody to take out there planner to write down our homework which is to catch up on all the GE entries (1-7), annotations, finish diagram for Into The Wild, PLN presentations for those who have them, and short essay redo.  Smith recommends going to writing lab on your nearest off hour to get it done and turn it in.  After we went over homework, we took out Into the Wild and read and annotated chapter 8.  Then we read “Higher Laws 2” by ourselves first and came up with some interesting points to make about what was said and what questions we had.  After that, we listened to the song “Long Nights”. Some connections to the characters that ventured out into the wild was that they were all trying to change to become different people, that they were all trying to become spiritually strong, and that McCandless specifically didn’t seem afraid of anything, and that was the feel that you got from this song.  We ended the class by Smith telling us to pack up and the bell rings.

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