Saturday, October 30, 2010

PLN 15

In the article "School would be great if it wasn't for students" by Alfie Kohn, it states that instead of blaming teachers for students failing, we need to start blaming the students. I think this is important to me and to education, because it's not always the student’s fault that they are failing. Sometimes the teachers don't go over what the student needs to know enough or they somehow give a student false information, causing the student to fail. Or in every school a lot of students are failing, because not every student is getting the opportunity to choose what they want to be educated in. I think this matters to society, because if we educate these students in what articulate paths that they want to take, we could help out the world and the economy much more efficiently. If we start focusing on what the kids and students want to have as professions, I believe that it would be better for us.

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