Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Scribe 3/15/11

            Today was a dreary day in Mrs. Smith’s class; we started out with grammar as usual, labeling the different phrases. We then worked with a partner to find facts about William Golding, the author of the book we are currently reading, Lord of the Flies. We found facts that basically explain his take on humanity. Golding was in the Royal Navy during World War II, and believes that all men are evil and savage, and society is the only thing that keeps man from killing each other. Golding also says when society is gone, man shows who they really are, and this should be kept in mind while reading the book. Where there is a group of kids away from any society, our class came to the conclusion that the war was the inspiration for Golding’s   Nobel Prize winning novel. To have more insight on how war could do this to a person, Mrs. Smith shared a story about her dad while he was fighting Vietnam. What had happen to her dad changed his life forever, and Golding’s life was definitely changed too as a result of war. Afterwards we watched a clip from the show Band of Brothers and that would be followed by questions, after we had nothing to say, and started off into space with our tired eyes, Mrs. Smith made us take a group quiz on chapter one of Lord of the Flies. We have a quiz on chapter two tomorrow. We also discussed our LOF soundtrack assignment, which can be a group project, and is to have at least six songs that capture the emotion and story of the book. Our songs should cover four different areas, critical events, character traits, themes/motifs, and symbols for information see the rubric that was handed out during class yesterday. Our homework is to read up to at least chapter three in Lord of the Flies, redo our “Change the World” paper, to thinking of songs for our soundtrack project for the book, and complete any late work.

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