Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Victor P. Scribe March 1, 2011

Today we started out by the sub Mrs. Glodowske taking attendance then she collected are school  ballad poems ( in which needs to have a rhyme scheme and personification and to tell a story) then  the sub explained the parent teacher conference letters ( we are accessing are learning, reflecting on how we did in class participation in class, growth in writing , where we want to be at the end of the semester, how we are going to get there, how can smith help, it’s a message to our parents. Print 1 copy for smith and 1 for your teachers.  Then we went over grammar for Wednesday. (The type of sentence and clause.)  Then she had us turn to the imagery poem “Combing” after we read it we went over poetry terms. Then we went over how to do are homework assignment which is the Photo graph poem which is 8-9 lines and 1-2 stanzas long. For the poem  we are suppose to look at this from the

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