Monday, November 1, 2010

Connor B Scribe 11/1/10

It’s November 1, 2010, the day after Halloween and we shouldn’t have school today because it’s the day after Halloween, and people have probably stayed up late like I did, and other schools don’t have school today. On this rainy morning and we start off in Ms. Smith’s class by getting the new vocab word, maleficent. We then continue reading Homer’s epic, The Odyssey, out of the big brown book at page 490. After reading to the end of book nine we went over a little about what we read and some of the characters. We then got a sheet that we filled out with 12 of people’s names that will be partners for the partner quiz tomorrow over book nine of The Odyssey on page 486 in the big brown book. We then watched a video that was about what we just read. We didn’t finish the video before class ended so we had to stop it and leave for the rest of our day.

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