Friday, November 5, 2010

Connor B Scribe 11/5/10

Hello, it is November 5, 2010 on this awesome Friday morning. It is awesome of course because it is almost the weekend but also today the ski resorts Keystone and Copper open! This is pretty sweet because it’s finally ski season. Today in class we start of my turning in our vocab cards for the word maleficent and also people turn in their other work that is due today because it is the end of 6 weeks. Things that are due are Pln’s up to 16, Google Earth Entries, essay redo’s (if you did them) and all the other missing work you have, if any. We also get back our group quizzes that we took in class yesterday for Book 10 in Homer’s The Odyssey. Today we worked in class on finishing up this work and doing the homework for this weekend. Homework for this weekend is to do Pln 17, and get reading finished for book 12 in The Odyssey and finish the study guide for book 12, if you didn’t finish in class.

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