Sunday, November 7, 2010

PLN 17

What happens to us when we grow up? how does it connect to what we learn in school: math, english, history, etc...? In Mr. Fisch's "Can't We just Memorize A Formula To Plug Stuff Into?", Mr. Fisch used a quote talking about a child creating an amazing amount of things in ten minutes while his adult mother talks on the phone drinking coffee. I find that as we grow older some of the great ideas we had as kids get completed by other people first and we give up when we could keep going and improve on the original idea and complete our goal. Instead we give up and say, "It's already been done, what's left to add?" All we need to do is listen to what the inventor did wrong and we can do it right then we can be the person who didn't stop and completed our goal.Mr. Fisch goes on to talk about how yes we have to learn the equations that just require us to "plug in" what we need to and be done as well as the equations that take extra steps and extra work to complete. These different equations match lots of different world philosophies because it connects to how we do things and how we get things done as well as how we act and proceed through life.

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