Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What matters to JoshL2014

Family matters to me...My family is unbelievable with 3 brothers and 2 sisters. I have been very lucky to have two wonderful households, (yes they are divorced) with loving family.

My mom’s house, who I love dearly, is married once again giving her the last name of Willis. Her husband,(my step-dad) who I look up to as a father, met my mom in the psychiatric hospital working together quit some time ago. My favorite thing about Al, is that he is the calmest guy u will ever meat. You would literally have to try to get him mad. I love my mom’s house; it’s relaxing and comfortable to be around. Being the youngest of my brothers and sister I am pretty tough, taking the occasional beating from time to time. But they are very caring of me.

My brothers, who always keep me occupied, have given me memories that I will never forget. From flipping my entire brothers room upside down, to watching my brothers arm snap in half at his football game, saying "I think it’s broken" while it was hanging down into a V. Being the youngest of my brothers and sisters I am pretty tough, taking the occasional beating from time to time. But they are very protective of me so I love them.

My other side of the family, who lives in Seattle, is interesting as well. From my uncle, who had 120 chickens that were getting eaten by foxes and what not, so he decided to mount a Gatling gun on his porch to solve the problem on his land. Along with my uncles kids, who now work together making playgrounds for kids in Seattle. Of course with their tough personalities, the first time we went down there we went skeet shooting and Ben my brother, shot a fish in the pond and my uncles son of course made the comment, "I wonder how deep he his underground".

Outdoors matter to me....Along with trying out for the Arapahoe

Baseball Team soon, I somewhat enjoy hiking, kayaking, and rock climbing.

I love baseball, because it’s exhilarating, entertaining, and I love teamwork. I enjoy the fact that I’m not working alone, I have a team all working together to accomplish my goals. This goes along with accomplishing goals in my life, like school work and friend issues. It’s exhilarating. because your team is counting on u at the second you have to ball in your hands. You need to know what move to make and when. It’s also entertaining watching your team lose and get better, or succeed which results in a wonderful barbecue or party. Teamwork is what I love most about baseball because it is what a lot of people live by and go with all through life with work, teams, and business.

I also love the outdoors because it gets the family out to be social with each other and just in general have a great time. It gets us to fireworks on 4rth of July and many other things in all aspects of life. The smell of plants, animals, and life all bundles up in the fresh air outside make the outdoors one of a kind. All in all, many things matter to me, and this list could go on for ages and decades of miscellaneous things that people probably do not want to read about, but i love everything in my life.

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