Friday, September 24, 2010

what matters to Jon F

What matters to me-
There are many things that matter to me and that made me who I am. Without these happenings I wouldn’t be anything like who I am now. Some of these things are my parents and friends.
My parents are one of the biggest things in my life, especially my mom. She has helped me with everything that made me who I am. Every time I have a problem she is always someone I can count on to help me out.
My friends are problably the biggest thing in my life. I would have no one if my friends went here. They help me with my problems and any choices I need help with. They support me and always give me something to do. My friends are the biggest changing thing in my life and the biggest thing that matter to me.
These are the big things in my life and they matter to me more then all else.

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