Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Scride for September 14, 2010

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  1. We walked into class today with New Divide by Linkin Park playing on the speakers. We had a assembly so Mrs. Smith said we would discuss the homework for today. Our homework is PLN #6, make up work, test on literary terms tomorrow and our annotations for our story’s entire are due tomorrow. The assembly is about the Homecoming Kings and Queens for juniors, sophomores and freshmen. When we got back to class we finished “The Scarlet Ibis”. Next we wrote a lot of types of litature and put examples under them, they are as follows:
    Point Views:
    -1st Point of View because Doodle’s brother tells the story.
    -Man vs. Self Doodle vs. his issues.
    -Man vs. Man Brother works doodle to hard.
    -Man vs. World Doodle not expected to live.
    -The drops sting my face like needles
    -Out in the afternoon sea breeze rustling like palmetto
    -For it lay on the earth like a broken vase of red flowers
    -It’s so clam, I wouldn’t doubt a storm
    -Ibis died shifted Doodle is going to perish.
    -Coffin for Doodle
    Plot Diagram:
    -Summer 1918 Old Woman Swamp
    -Doodle little brother
    -Narrator Brother
    -Brother (evil dude)
    -Over coming Doodles issues.
    Symbol or Motif:
    -Scarlet Ibis=Doodle
    -Death- Bleeding Tree
    -The entire story
    -All I could here was doodle say…
    -Summer was dead but autumn was not born yet.
    That concludes the scribe for today.