Tuesday, September 14, 2010

PLN #6

I read "A welcome and a Look back" by Mihai Parparita, this article matters because it disucss Blogline, maybay one of the first blogs ever, closes it's doors on October 1st. Blogline matters because it's not a new young blog it's got gray hair and is a old man, but it's very wise. The article also talks about how Google Reader is exapanding, it's increased dramaticaly over the last 5 years. This article matters to me beacuse we are losing a very important resource that I bit none of us have never heard of. It's like finding a fossil then returning the nest day that it was washed away in the rain. This article matters to me because it symbolizes that there are so many resources out there that we don't even know about. This article matters to education because education can't limit it's knowlege to sites that we know are secure and many people have visited. This article matters to the world because we need to exapaned to our limits not what other people say. What if we never find valuable resources like blogger or wikipedia?

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