Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What Matters to Jordan A.

What Matters to Jordan A.

            There are many things that matter to me: sports, family, friends, and even school.  Even though I struggle in school, I still work hard because it is important and it makes my parents happy. I personally struggle in school and no matter what; it feels like I can never get ahead. It does matters though, so I can get a good job and have a less stressful life.

Sports are important to me because I have always had a competitive personality and sports help me satisfy that need. Sports also help me get my mind off things. Whenever I feel stressed about something, all I need is exercise and I feel much better. Football is by far my favorite sport. I love the contact and quickness of the game.

            Family should be important to everyone. Without family people would be total losers. Family is there for you when no one else is. I live with my mom and dad, Joe and Colleen and I have a sister Kirstie who is in college at Colorado University in Boulder. Family helps me get through the toughest times and I would have trouble making it through those times without my family.

            Friends mean the most to me because they are cool. Sometimes I feel more comfortable talking to them than my own family. Friends listen no matter what I say. They also just plain keep me interested. I can hang out with them and never get bored.

            Vacations mean a lot to me. The Appler family goes on at least one vacation every year and it’s guaranteed fun. Our next vacation is planned for Christmas break on a cruz from Florida to the Caribean. We especially like tropical places like Mexico, Costa Rica, and one time we got to go to the Dominican Republic.

            Finally, there is a lot that matters to me. I don’t always show it but I appreciate it all. Whether its friends, or sports, I enjoy spending my time very socially and being a member of a team.

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