Friday, September 24, 2010

Scribe 9/23/2010

It was a cold day today and we walked into class and got everything out just like normal, we have to have smith type in her password (I guess she doesn’t trust us) we also have to download it at our house. We have a PLN presentation tomorrow and make sure you work on your attention getter! Your homework is to play with Google earth, finish reading “to build a fire” and answer the question “how do the words and actions affect who others become?”, your vocab card and make sure you turn in all missing work before tomorrow or it’s a Zero!!! We opened up Google earth, right clicked on the my places thing picture on the middle of the left part of the screen and called it first name and last initial. We added a pinpoint at the top at the place that matters most to us, highlighted our what matters post, and pasted it in a what matters to us, take the what matters file and click and drag it into our folder. And that’s it, HAVE FUN!!!!

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