Friday, September 24, 2010

Scribe 9-24-10

Today when we walked in Smith was playing her music and working on getting our topic sentence notecards from yesterday back to us. Today is also the last day to turn in late work so MOVE IT! At the beginning of class we turned in our vocab cards before the PLN presentations done by: Justin M.,Connor B., Jordan A, Miles G., and Nick F. After their presentations we went to our Google Earth What Matters Placemarker thing. We made folders for our placemarkers so that we can find our important places. Some of the homework over the weekend is to find and place a placemark along the Yukon Trail in Alaska and name it "To Build A Fire". In the description box we need to post a response about the short story. To copy our work into the description box copy the work from Word and find the placemark, RIGHT click and then go to the bottom and click on PROPERTIES, then paste it. Good bye.

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