Sunday, September 12, 2010


In Will Richardson's "Footprints of the Digital Age," the author tells us that teachers need to help students create, navigate, and grow the powerful, individualized networks of learning on the internet.  Students need to do this effectively, ethically, and safely.  Students are creating all sorts of content on the internet and some are not good examples. Students are  doing all sorts of things with online tools that are not being taught by teachers.  We are learning on our own how to network.   Students must be flexible, mobile learners who connect with people and resources and edit content on their desktops, or, their hand held devices.  Now students control more of their own learning and teachers have to help.  Amazing teachers, like Ms. Smith, are already helping their students with these tools.  If somebody looks you up on the internet you're going to want the personal information they see to be acceptable. If somebody is behaving as a misanthrope and putting threatening messages on the internet, they may be denied a job because of their published words. The idea is for student to share their ideas with the world and share their passions for learning so they can be  lifelong teachers, mentors, or friends.

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