Thursday, September 9, 2010


Good morning smith! Mrs. Smith started class by telling us who has PLN presentation tomorrow. We went over the requirements of the presentation and they were to stand up straight, make eye contact with audience, talk about what you are reading, must be creative and interesting, try not to read notes or the screen, No fidgeting, and give a good presentation. Mrs. Smith read the names of who have to come in after school for writing conferences so if one of the names was you, come in after school. Mrs. Smith also asked us to get out our cell phones and text a number if we want to read a little or makeup a little work, and get caught up because I am failing further and further behind, and read a short story so I don’t have reading HW this weekend. Out of all the votes “get caught up- I am failing further and further behind” won! After that, everyone sat quietly doing missing assignments. If you’re missing work isn’t turned in by the 6th week of school, they will all be 0’s instead of 10’s. We finished class by finishing up are makeup work, and Mrs. Smith reminded us that our vocabulary card of Misanthrope was due tomorrow.

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