Friday, September 3, 2010


We started today with the normal “Good morning class… Good morning Smith.” With the music playing. Then we went over homework. Smith explained that you HAVE to do writing conference; they are an easy ten points, so get in. For homework we need to write a topic sentence for the short story, The Most Dangerous Game. If you got a low score on the topic sentence for Rope, you must re-do. If you need an example look at Nick and Chase’s topic sentences. Just a reminder if you re-do something, you need to remind Mrs. Smith about. You can contact her through email, or your sticky note. Also you can turn your rubric back into her. This weekend we also have the PLN3. The PLN3 you must post in our own blog. You have this weekend to post what matters to you in education, and in the world about google.And finally for homework you need to read your short story to the bottom of page 33, you also need to annotate. We talked about that you have 3 weeks to get all your make-up work in, so get going. Next, we collected the rope notes. Every three weeks we do a reality check, it is a letter from you personally directly to Mrs. Smith. Inside this paragraph you need to write an honest reflection about these last three weeks, and we have to use our vocab word, misogynist. Then in a new paragraph you need to write three goals. One goal specifically related to this class. One goal related to Arapahoe in general. And one goal outside of Arapahoe. Finally you need to say how you achieve these goals. Finally, we worked on The Most Dangerous Game, We circle names, highlight similes, metaphors, etc. Class ended.

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