Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Scribe September 28, 2010

We walked in this morning music rocking and received a new seating chart and Smith passed back our short story essays. If you didn’t get at least an A go to writing lab and redo it! Then when class started we talked about our homework, which was to find a Walden quote and picture and post it in Google Earth, for the picture hyperlink it into your entry. Then post your entry anywhere on earth that fits the quote and picture. To cite the quote have quotations marks, then in parenthesis put Thoreau after the quote so it will look like this “quote” (Thoreau). Then there were two other pieces of homework that were to finish the vocab card by Friday, and do PLN 8, go to Google reader and pick an article of your choice and write about why it matters to you. After discussing all of the homework we read “Higher Laws”, and annotated it with connections and questions. Then after that story we listened to the songs “Setting Forth” and “No Ceiling” and related it back to “Higher Laws”. The last thing that we did was edit our papers for Google Entry 2. We only edited for about 30 seconds before the bell rang, and everyone packed up their computers and filed out of the classroom.

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