Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I read "Dear Denver Post, Would You Be Okay With Us Cheating on the CSAP, Too?" by Karl Fisch, and it was partly about The Denver Post story which disappointed Karl "Summer is almost over, and the disappointment about returning to class . . .". Also, in the following week they talked about the New York Yankees player Derek Jeter cheated by saying he got hit by the pitch when he really didn't and Mr. Fisch is telling us that The Denver Post is a bad roll model for young kids because of the article on Derek Jeter is basically saying it is ok to cheat and he is asking the Denver Post if it is ok for schools to cheat on CSAP's. And this matters to me because it's sending me and other people the message that it is ok to cheat but I know it's wrong. For the other people who think they should cheat I think it will affect the world and other peoples education. My question to you is that if people cheated on tests or on sports would it affect the future?  

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