Monday, September 20, 2010


"Dang, I Just Missed It" by David Warlick was quite interesting article. It talked about an email that went around about Mars being as large as the naked eye one night. He says that plenty of this kind of junk goes around. I think it is funny because scientifically it is completely impossible.
This matters to me because I don't want to be reading mindless junk when I am going through my emails. I want to be interested in the actual stuff that goes on. I don't want to be persuaded into something stupid and be dissappointed. This matters to the world because it just goes to show that the email he read is one of millions of spam emails sent around. If this is what is filling up the cyberspace, it's potential is being wasted on stupid mindless things that some internet trouble makers find funny to send around. This matters to education because if this is the kind of junk that is speaking to students today, the percentile of confused students has probably sky rocketed since these lame emails have started shooting around. I don't want to be learning all kinds of false information because someone out there decided it was funny to send out an email that will kill you if you don't forward it to 20 people in 10 minutes. I think they are so stupid. He explained the mindlessness and pointlessness of it all and I agree with everything he said.

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    Please post your PLN on your own blog. Also, you have great content in your response, but need to redo your topic sentence to address what matters and why it matters. Also, make sure ot hyperlink to the original source.