Monday, August 30, 2010

What Matters to Paul Cheever…

Family matters, family is a big part of my life because I spend a lot of time with them, its very big, and I love them. In my immediate family I have a sister named Marlo, and my mom and dad Janet and John .My sister plays soccer and softball which means that I have to go to most of her games. My dad John is 46 and plays in a soccer league that is 35 and older and plays slow pitch softball at Cornerstone Park. A lot of my friend’s parents are on his softball game so I go to a lot of them. My dad works for Aggregate Industries, and has worked there most of his working career, he is an engineer. My mom was a realtor a couple of years ago and only sold one house in 6 months so stopped being a realtor and went back to being a stay at home mom. Another big part of my life is my dogs. I have four dogs, Skittles, Skippy, Charlie, and Gamin. Skittles and Skippy are 4 and 6 and they are caviler king Charles cocker spaniels. Charlie and Gamin are 14 and 9, and they are poodles. I also have a cat whose name is J.C and is 14. Charlie and Gamin where my grandpa’s dogs but he passed away last year so we have had them living in our house for about a year. I also play sports a lot. I am currently playing on the boy’s fresmen/softmore team. Due to practice I am at Arapahoe until about 6pm on most weekdays. This spring I am going to tryout for the boy’s baseball team. I have been play baseball and soccer since I was only six years old. That is what matters to me.

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