Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What matters to me Jon D

 There are may things that matter to me the the most important is family. I have two brothers one little and one older. I have a mom and a father. My Dad is always pushing me to be my best and is always there to help. He is huge into golfing and passed his skill and love onto my other brothers. My mother is always asking me if in need help and other times forcing it on me. My older brother is always pushing me to be better. He always tells me "if your going to make a mistake make it at a hundred miles an hour.". My little brother and I have always been very close. We like doing the same things and love to hang out.

Religion comes in a very close second for me. I barley ever go to church but i think that i would like to more often. I really was very UN religious for most my life but about sixth grade i started becoming an atheist there for i was terrified to die but i began to pray and never have had doubts since.

Friends I have quite a few friends. In my neighbor hood we are always air softing or trying to go paintball.

Sports are also very important to me. I just started lacrosse this year so i cant say much about that. But I have been doing Tae Kwon Do for six years and have my second degree black belt. I enjoy and know as many people at Arapahoe from my studio as from my middle school.


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