Sunday, August 29, 2010

What matters to Davis

There is a lot of things that matter to me...
      Skateboarding matters to me. Skateboarding will never get boring. I can skateboard anywhere there is concrete. I can skateboard with my friends or alone and it is just as fun ether way.
      Family matters to me. My family helps me with a lot of things and makes sure that i do good in school. 
      Friends matter to me. Without friends i would be bored all the time and would have nothing to do. 
      Snowboarding matters to me. Snowboarding is one of the most fun things that i have ever done. It is a activity that i can do with family and friends and is good exercise too.
      Lacrosse matters to me. I think lacrosse is the most fun sport there is. I like how the game is played, and i have met many friends while playing it too.
      School matters to me. School teaches us everything we need to know in order get have a good life. With out it i would not have a good enough education to get a good job and make money.

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