Tuesday, August 17, 2010


What are the qualities of good teachers? of good students? of a good class?

Think about your answers before you post them. Make sure to proofread your response.

Also, make sure to come back and comment upon one another's comments. Do you agree or disagree with what they are saying?


  1. group work
    have time for fun and time for work
    have a good study buddy

  2. I think a good teacher must have
    -"the smarts"
    -and mostly a skill with teenagers.

  3. Gabe and Tom-

    Think about your comments here. Right now, there is not enough content to be a quality piece of work. Is this really your best work?

  4. ~A funny teacher
    ~A teacher that doesnt give loads of homework
    ~A teacher should reward there class wih something
    ~Students should behave
    ~Students should be responseible
    ~A good class should be calm
    ~Students should do anywork assigned to them
    ~A class should not be stressing

  5. -a teacher that iz fun at teaching
    -Talkitive teacher
    -non boring teacher
    -good students
    -attentive students
    -fun class

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  7. Some qualities of good teachers are, good with teenagers, great at communicating, being understanding, and a good sense of humor. I think good classmates should have most of the same characteristics a good teacher has. I also think that a good class as a whole should also share the same characteristics as good teachers and students.

  8. Qualities that make_

    A good teacher:
    Direct in teaching

    A good student :
    Willing to learn
    Helpful to others

    A good class:
    A great teacher
    Great students
    A good learning environment

  9. A good teacher is...
    Somebody who teaches well
    Someone who keeps the class interested in the subject
    Someone that can give you help when you need it
    Someone that respects you

    A good student is...
    Someone who listens in class
    Someone that is not afraid not ask for help
    Someone that lets them self and other people learn
    Someone that helps other class mates when they need help

    A good class is...
    Is a group that is close with one another
    A group that helps each other with stuff that is hard

  10. The qualities of a good teacher!
    • An exciting teacher
    • A teacher that provides several activities and new things in class
    • A teacher who can be there for help when it is needed

    The qualities of a good student!
    • A good student will be there to help others in need of it
    • A good student will listen in class and follow directions the very first time
    • A good student will do most of his/her homework and class work
    • A good student will also show some respect

    The qualities of a good class!
    • A good class is a class full of respectful students
    • A good class has exciting students
    • A good class includes helpful students
    • A good class also has creative students

  11. For a teacher to be great in my eyes, has to have certain qualities. They need to be fun and exciting to keep me up. Have different activities other than the same old reading out of a book. They need to have a good sense of humor, where they can be firends with their students and crack jokes all the time. Now good qualities of a student are having the will to work and complete every assignment that has been asked.To be able to make friends in class, and to work with them to make school easier. And finally they need to be non-procrastinate. Or other meaning, to not be late. Now for a class to have good qualities, they need to have a fun room. No boring stuff, like just walls and desks. Its got to be different than everyone else.

  12. A good teacher:
    few lectures,
    committed to help others,
    and happy

    A good student:
    lets either people talk,
    and honest

  13. Qualities of a good teacher…
    • Good at teaching
    • Has a good sense of humor
    • Makes class interesting and fun
    • Good at communicating
    • Doesn’t give busy work

    Qualities of a good student…
    • Good at listening
    • Respectful to the teacher
    • Respectful to the other students
    • Open to correction
    • Pays attention
    • Interactive with class discussions and lessons

    Qualities of a good class…
    • Respectful to each other
    • People listen when another person is speaking
    • Good learning environment
    • Awesome teacher

  14. Qualities of a teacher:
    Qualities of a student:
    -Pays attention during class
    -Doesn't talk when someone else is talking
    -Follows direction
    Qualtities of a good class:
    -Students that interact with what a teacher is doing
    -Teacher willing to teach well

  15. Some of the qualities of a good teacher are being able to educate students in their individual style of learning, whether they are visual, auditory or kinesthetic learners. They should be accessible to students at times that are convenient to the student. The teacher should give the students clear and direct instructions for both homework and class work.

    Some of the qualities of a good student are listening to both teacher and student speakers alike. They should participate equally in classroom discussions. That means speaking about valid points and not making jokes. A good student puts forth their best effort in their work. Lastly, a good student never gives up.

    The qualities of a good class are having good, involved classroom discussions including pros and cons, cause and effect and action/reaction. A good class also works well together and supports each other. A good class values everyone’s ideas and input and shows respect to one another.

  16. what i think a goot teacher needs is;
    -great sence of humor
    -respect for students
    -understanding of studets

    a good student should;
    -respect teachers
    -do work
    -stay mostly on task
    -respects other kids

    a good class should have;
    -respect for eachother
    - willingness to learn

  17. A good teacher...
    1.Always be happy
    2.Be googfy and random to set the mood
    3.Be helpfull
    4.Be caring but a little strict

    A good student...
    1.Always be respectful
    2.Be happy all the time
    3.Also, be goofy
    4.Be yourself
    5.Try very hard

    Good classroom...
    1.Everyone be happy
    3.Raise your hands to show respect to teachers
    4.Be responsive to the teacher at all times

  18. a good teacher should teach hands on
    a good teacher should give good instructions
    a good teacher should be fun
    a good teacher should have flexibilty
    a good student should respect teachers
    a good student should do all of their work
    a godd student should follow instructions
    a good student should respect themselvs and others
    a good class should be fun
    a good class should be working together

  19. good teacher:
    challenge their students
    help kids learn in fun ways
    interact with students
    understand students point of view
    make sure students under stand work
    connect with students

    good students:
    ability to ask questions if needed
    respect for teacher

    good class:
    respect through out
    ask questions
    good work ethic
    have fun

  20. good teacher:
    .have a good humor
    .should know how to teach
    .should know their students
    good student:
    .be a good listener
    .do there best work
    .turn in their work on time
    good class:
    .should be fun
    .should be a good learning evironment
    .should work together

  21. A good teacher should…
    • Offer times for kids to get help
    • Be knowledgeable about they’re subject
    • Be excited about they’re subject
    • Be supportive of they’re students
    • Make learning interesting and fun
    • Assign home work with the knowledge that students
    have other homework they must also complete
    • Not assign busy work
    A good student should…
    • Be an attentive listener during class
    • Turn in work on time
    • Go in for help if necessary
    • Take notes on important information
    A good class should…
    • Not assign to much homework
    • Have fun projects and activities
    • Be fun and enjoyable
    • Be looked forward to
    • Work in small groups or with a partner
    • Have no busy work

  22. Good qualities of a teacher are:
    - A helpful teacher who understands problems
    - Understanding that we have lives outside of school (sports, family, etc.)
    - Rewards his or her class
    - Gives students directions more than once
    - Is approachable
    - Happy and cheerful to brighten up the class
    - Interesting to listen too
    - Exciting and fun
    - Good speaker
    - Shows authority
    - Leads by example

    Good qualities of students are:
    - Excited to learn
    - Wants to be there
    - Works hard
    - Open minded
    - Tries their best
    - Gets work in on time
    - Good listeners
    - Polite
    - Contributes to the class learning environment
    - Stays organized
    - Gets to class on time

    Good qualities of a class are:
    - Respecting the teacher
    - Listens
    - Contributes
    - Works together
    - Responds to the teacher
    - Does what the teacher asks of them
    - Stays on topic of discussion
    - Not interrupting
    - Excited to learn

  23. A good teacher;
    -Good sense of humor
    -Clear expectations
    -Makes class interesting without trying too hard, because that's lame
    -Doesnt stress kids with too much works
    -Makes kids work
    -No busy work

    Good Student;
    -Does what teacher asks
    -Turns in work
    -Participates in class
    -Gives effort

    Good Classes;
    -Combonation of class and student
    -Listens to teacher

  24. students should have :
    good behavior
    respect for teachers and peers

    A good class should have:
    good teacher
    good students
    engaging topics
    and conteversial topics.I know that sounds stupid but there should be differing opinions to make topics interesting.

  25. Good qualities of a teacher:

    not to strict but keeps the class in order

    makes whatever they are teaching interesting and fun

    knows how to teach kids in a way they will understand

    Good qualities of a student:


    doesnt talk over the teacher

    pays attention

    Good qualities a the class:

    Respects others in the class

    cooperate well together

    help eachother learn

  26. Funny teacher, good people, baked goods, respectful, focused, pays attention, not much homework, dosent yell much, thoughtful.

  27. TO GABE AND TOM...

    I an very disapointed in the level of work that they typed...i thought they might set a better example for students like me to go along with...

  28. TO GABE AND TOM...

    I would also like to say that i hope Gabe learned his lesson and will not comprimise my learning again because i am very affended.

  29. Teachers-
    Passion for learning
    Ready to learn
    Engaged in lesson
    Always on task
    Helpful to others
    On task
    -Nick Farmen

  30. -a teacher that is fun at teaching
    -talkitive teacher
    -non boring teacher
    good attentive students
    quiet sudents when teacher is talkin
    -fun interactive class
    hands on activities

  31. Teacher





    hard working

  32. Good student: trustworthy, helpful, nice, hardworking, relaxed, turns in homework on time, respectful, patint, engaged in topic.
    Good Teacher: Nice Respectful, knows the subject well, gives students advice aboult their work, relaxed, hardworking.
    Good classroom: respectful students and teacher, learning tools, honest, hardworking, good students and teacher.

  33. Good student:
    Good teacher:
    Good class:

  34. I believe that a good teacher needs great qualities like being nice, trustworthy, and actually understanding of the fact that we have lives too, and we also have five other classes. teacher that give homework daily don't understand. Students have a different perspective than teachers, and its just nice when a teacher can respect that.

  35. Good Qualities of a:
    -Eger to Learn
    -Let one person talk at a time
    -Respect for teacher and/or students
    -Give everyone a chance to answer

  36. Teacher-
    pasion for learning.
    high exspectations.
    Keeps the class in order.
    Makes class fun.

    Good Students-
    On task.
    excited to learn.
    work hard.
    Ready to learn on time.

    Helps eachother.
    Always on task.
    Be helpful.
    Be careing.

  37. The things that a techer needs is
    -being able to get off task
    -Have a good sence of humor
    -understands what the students are going through
    the students need to
    -understand that the teacher as a tuff job
    -be compelled to learn
    -not trytogetoff task that much

  38. Good/bad qualities in teachers and students.
    Good teacher qualities
    -active classes
    -give more time in class to work on homework
    Bad qualities
    -gives unreasonable amount of homework
    -doesn't care what students think
    -takes anger out on the class
    Good qualities in students
    -quality homework
    -good listeners
    Bad qualities
    -inter-ups the class
    -terrible participation
    -sleeps in class