Sunday, August 29, 2010

"What Matters"

What Matters to Brenden Temple,

Family matters to me, family is one of the most important things in my life because they always make me happy and we keep each other laughing. My family supports me in everything I do from school to lacrosse.

My Mom matters to me because she buys lots of things for me like cloths, lacrosse equipment, a puppy, and school supplies. My mom also helps keep me organized, cooks all my meals, and drives me everywhere.

My Dad matters to me, he takes me to all types of sporting events, my lacrosse practices, and tells me what I can do to improve my lacrosse skills. He also makes sure I do my homework at night and gives me advice for my schoolwork.

Lacrosse matters to me because it is my favorite sport to play and watch. I enjoy playing lacrosse because it is a very physical game, fast paced, competitive, and "is like hockey but has balls." Lacrosse has also let me meet new people.

School matters to me because it will help me in the future by helping me get a successful career with whatever I choose to have as a career. Also has let me make lots of new friends and great new teachers that help me learn new subjects.

Friends matter to me, because they always keep me laughing and entertained everyday.

My Dog Katie, matters to me because she keeps me active by walking her and playing with her everyday. Katie also matters to me because of the unconditional love she give to me and my family.

Keeping healthy matters to me because it helps in lacrosse so I can play better and just generally keeping healthy so I can be competitive in everything I participate in like when I play sports with my friends

Karma matters to me because it seems to follow me everywhere I go. That's why I try to be a very good student and son so I will have good karma

Relgion is important to me because I strongly believe in God even though I dont go to church all that much. He s still very important in my life.
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  1. What Matters To Me

    The things that matter most in my life are family, friends, school, music, and my religion.
    Not only are these all important, but I don't know what I would do without them. Everyday these things get me out of bed and ready for what's up ahead. All of these things help me live my life.

    My family is by far the most important thing in my life. I have three sisters, two of them are older then me. Most of the time we get along, but every once in awhile a fight erupts and sides are chosen. We usually work it out quickly before our parents find out. My parents are also important to me. My dad is a sales manager, while my mom teaches fourth grade. They help me out a lot and usually understand where I'm coming from. My family is a huge part of my life.

    My friends are very important in my life. They help me relax when I'm having a rough time, and they make me laugh. When I'm with them we have fun no matter what. We could be studying, playing football, or even working and still have fun. My friends really know how to cheer me up and we always have a good time. I am very glad my friends are involved in my life.

    Education is a big part of my life. I go everyday and try to learn more and more. I really want to be a police officer when I'm older. This means I have to complete school and do my best. I, unfortunately, am not the brightest student, but I try my best. I sometimes don't understand all the assignments and I forget things. I work hard at trying my best.

    Music and religion are also important to me. Music helps me relax, and get my mind off things, and it also helps me get things done faster. When ever I do homework I tend to complete it faster and error free with music playing, and when I go on runs or bike rides I can go much farther with my Ipod. Religion helps me focus and think about things from every view possible. When I'm at church or chapel I tend to think about my life and decisions I’ve made or am about to make.

    All of these things help me live my life and teach me how to grow. I am fortunate to have a strong family, good friends, the opportunity for a good education, my faith, and the chance to listen to music. All of these things are important to me. Hopefully, they always will be.