Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"What Matters" to Marco Z

Family matters to me...
Family has always been their when friends couldn't (or wouldn't) be there and they always encourage you. Family has been very important over these last couple of years with high school already started and Type 1 Diabetes they have always been there for me. My parents are always helping and governing my diabetes and it's helpful. My sister tries to learn as much as she can but she's just too young. Once I was diagnosed my parents where the ones taking notes and paying attention (while I didn't understand how serious diabetes is).

Friends matters to me...
Friends are people you have known for a long time or people you are just getting to know. Friends are just people you get along with, they make you feel like you got someone to talk to who won't say "Don't hate me but, who are you?" In every social gathering who won't start looking for friends.

Food matters to me...
Food is a very important thing to me, it's yummy yet filling. Food is also what keeps everyone alive, without it we wouldn't get our daily nutrition (I don't think i get it know). It also is something I have to closely monitor for diabetes.

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