Sunday, August 29, 2010

What matters to Eric

There are many things that matter to me My mom always helps me if I make a mess or if I need help on homework. She also gets me what I need and what I want. My mom also is always there when I have a question or need help.
My dad taught me to do many things like ride a bicycle and ski. He always helps me get the job done right.
My grandpa has always built stuff for me and helps me when I am confused. He is also a lot of fun to joke around with.
My grandma always got me the best presents and always helped me when I needed it. She also does almost anything to make me happy.
My uncle has taught me to do many things and always took our family out to do fun things. He is also a role model to me because he has done so many things.
My aunt as always helped me and took out family out to do fun things.
My brothers have always been there to toughen me up. They are also fun to cause trouble with when my parents are gone
My cousins have always been there to make our vacations more fun.
Sports matter to me they have always been fun and kept me busy. They also let me become more fit and make knew friends.
My friends matter to me they are always fun to hang out with. They are also always there to help me in bad times.
School matter to me it will help me have a better life in the future.

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