Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What Matters To Justin M...

What matters to me is family, family picks me up when I am down and helps me to get through my days with a smile on my face. They have always been my big supporters. Alex, Nicole, mom and dad are my biggest fans on the sidelines or helpers on homework at home. My brother pushes me to be a better athlete, my mom wants me to be a better person, my dad wants me to accomplish greatness by doing my best, and my sister wants me to lighten up. So overall my family members are pushers who want me to be the best person I can be.

My grandparents matter to me because they love me and are always telling me how great I am. They encourage me to try hard and to be a good person who is loving and kind to everyone that I meet. I always hate leaving their house because it is so warm and welcoming and the real world isn’t as welcoming as their loving environment. They give me cheer and hope that helps me do the right thing when I need to. My grandparents matter to me.

Friends matter to me, there is nothing better than hanging out with your friends one night just doing nothing and goofing around. Friends matter to me because they give me someone to have fun with and to relate to when I need it. They also help me be the best person by influencing me with the right choices. They give me a shoulder to lean on and a partner to laugh with and I love how my friends treat me. Friends are one of the greatest parts of life and they matter to me a lot.

Sports are a big part in my life to, they matter to me a lot and I am always trying to improve my skills and work on new things. Football pushes me to limits but is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. It shows that hard work will get you anywhere you need in life. Wrestling is also one of my sports that I want to thrive in and make myself better. I push myself to the limits of my body and do my best. My coaches inspire me to be a better person and work hard in everything that I do in life. I am also a skier who just likes enjoying the mountain and flying around. The freedom is what I like best about skiing it is just me and the mountain. Sports help me be a better person in life and teach me to work hard in everything I do that is why they matter to me.

School matters to me because I want to make it far in life and school is the way to get there. I need to work hard and do the best I can. Teachers inspire me to do better and teach me that school is the key to unlocking goals in life. I also enjoy learning new things that I didn’t know before. I know that school will get me far in life and that I just need to work hard. That is why school matters to me.

School, friends, family, and sports all matter to me because those are all chapters in my book of life and the book is about what matters to me and how it will affect my life later on. If I master all of the concepts in each of the chapters of life, I will live the life of dreams.

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