Sunday, August 29, 2010

What Matters to Chase Brasher…
Family matters to me. My family is very important to me and has been for as long as I can remember. My brother, Trey Brasher, has always been influential in my life and I look up to him as a role model. Also my mom and dad are always there for me and are very supportive and want for me to succeed.
Skiing matters to me. Skiing not only gives me a fun winter activity but is also a time for me to spend time with family and friends. My family shares a mountain home with another family in Winter Park, Colorado and I enjoy spending time with them.
Soccer matters to me. Soccer is a very fun sport that I love participating. Playing on a team really makes me feel part of something bigger and invokes a sense of unity in me. I also like soccer because it is an enjoyable way of staying in shape and staying healthy.
Skateboarding matters to me. Skateboarding is a great sport that I can do alone or with my friends. One thing I love about skateboarding is that there is not pressure. If you make a mistake you will not let down your team because you have not team. Another reason I like skateboarding is because you can always learn new tricks so it will never become boring.
Music matters to me. Without music life would be bland and boring. I rely on music to brighten my day and cheer me up when I am down. I enjoy most music and listen to music as much as possible.
Wakeboarding matters to me. Wakeboarding is a very enjoyable activity that I do with my family. The first and foremost reason I like wakeboarding is the feeling of just riding on top of the water. But I also enjoy spending time with family and friends and traveling to different lakes. My family and I have traveled to many different lakes over the years all equally cool and have had a blast just enjoying each other’s company and wakeboarding.

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