Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What matters to Louis:

There are many things that matter to me in my life. The first thing that matters to me would have to be my family. My dad is the one that helps me with whatever sport I am involved in, whether it was hockey, baseball, or my current sport, running. My dad has always trained me and kept me in line when it comes to schoolwork. My mom is always very important to me, she is the one that helps me with school, drives me to school, and works on my homework with me. I could not accomplish most of things I do with out my mom and dad. My sis, Karly has been a big help with getting me used to Arapahoe.  She is a senior.  Also my grandparents are very important to me.  My grandma is always filling me up with food, and my grandpa is always golfing with me. My family is very important to me.

My religion also is very important to me. I am being raised as a Christian and keep my faith close to me. I am from a Christian school and try to keep the stuff they taught close to my heart. And I plan on keeping track with God my whole life.

Another thing that matters to me in my life is my friends. I have always been very close to my friends, by just having fun and hanging out with them. I am still friends with most of the people I met in kindergarten, and want to continue being friends with them even though most of us are going to different high schools. 

The final thing that matters to me is sports. I am now currently running on Arapahoe’s cross-country team, even though I hated running for most of my life. Before that I tried playing soccer, basketball, baseball, and hockey until I finally found my sport. All in all, many things matter to me, and in my life.

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