Sunday, August 29, 2010

What matters to Noah:

Family matters to me, my mom helps push me to do homework and get good grades. My dad shows nothing but unconditional love towards me. My brother and sisters help show me the joy in life and are fun and playful. My grandparents spoil me all of the time which is important sometimes.

Music is important to me because guitar is one my only main hobbies and I play everyday. I like a lot of different kinds of music, from classical to real rap. Knowing different music has actually helped me meet new people. For example today I went into a store and I heard Freedom Jazz Dance by Miles Davis playing and told my dad I didn’t like this kind of jazz because of the unsynchronized instruments and the man at the register told me what its called and that people share the same dislike for as me.

I have high moral standards of friends and respect is definitely one of them. Being respected by peers is important to me because without it self esteem and self integrity would go down and in return I am respectful of them.

Staying healthy and exercising is very important to me because when I don’t exercise I feel disgusting and not healthy. So, in order to make myself feel good I exercise on a daily basis. Also working out helps get me in better habits and makes it so I don’t eat a lot of junk food which also makes me feel healthier.

Keeping a light hearted sense of life is significant in keeping a healthy life style and something I feel I am very good at. I like making people laugh and love when other people make me laugh.

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