Thursday, August 26, 2010

Scribe # 1

When we walked into her class, there was music on her computer playing. Smith forgot to do the “Good morning everyone….Good morning Smith,” thing. She taught us about a new thing in the class that we will be doing called scribes. 1 person a day gets chosen to be the class scribe for the day. The scribe is supposed to record and type everything that went on in the class that day. That is why I am typing this today. She then told us to read a sheet called Personal Learning Networks which can be accessed on her webpage. A personal learning network is a place you can go to for information. Blogs, RSS feeds, websites and numerous other sources can be used as PLN’s I think. She then had us access a Google Reader page. We had to copy all of the hyperlinks on the PLN page and add them as subscriptions which you can do by pasting the hyper link on the add subscription button located near the top left of the Google Reader Page. Here is a link to her webpage so you can access the PLN page.
The links are located on the bottom part of page 1 on the Personal Learning Network page. Then we were assigned to watch a short little movie thing. Go to the website for our class. On the left side of the page under the little black box with different classes, is where you will find the video. It is the top video listed as PLN1. Then we have to write a paper on the video on your blog. It needs a topic sentence, title , author,hyperlinkto the video, what matters, summarize what matters like you, education, world, and concluding sentence.

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