Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What Matters to Jake

What matters? That can be a question about me personally, education, or the world. What matters to me personally are many things. One thing that matters to me personally are friends. Having good friends is important to me because i need people who have my back whenever (outside of family). Another thing that matters to me is that i have success at things i take pride in, like for example, baskeball. It helps me deal with other things in life knowing that i do great in what i take pride in.

What matters in education is a different story. I think there are plenty of things that matter about education. One thing that matters is that the teacher knows what they are doing and that they have expiereince in the subject they are teaching. Another thing that is important is that the students are being active learners, meaning that they are involved and contributing to what the class is doing. One more thing that matters in education is that there is a solid relationship between the students and the teacher and the students with other students.

There a very many things that matter about the world. Something that really matters in the world is peace. If there isnt peace then it is probably costing lives, which isnt good at all. The second thing that matters is that kids are getting educated. Education is very important because it is our future. The last thing that is important about the world is that no one should starve to death. I think that food for the hungry is very important.

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