Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What matters... to Eli Stickney

What matters to me is my family. They're such a huge part of my life and they continueously help and encourage me. Also they they never stop telling me to push forward and to never give uo so that i can achieve my goals.
What matters is religeon. Religeon matters to me because I full hardedly believe that God has helped me through every aspect of my life. There was a story about a man who walked next to God and when times where hard God's footsteps next to him disappeared. At the end of his life the man asked God, "Why did you leave me when times got hard, Lord". God replied,"I never left you when times got hard, lokk behind you," he looked behind himself and saw four steps instead of two showing that God and begun to carry him through the hard times. This has really guided my life twords God and my faith forever.
What matters is sports. Sports matter because they help to keep my grades up since you have to be doing well to be an athalete at Arapahoe. Also they help to keep me in shape and good health so that I can live my life to the fullest.

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