Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"What Matters". . .jakeG

Family matters to me. They support me and give me good advice all day. My family keeps me feeling good about my self and keeps me going every single day. I love them a lot and care for them each and every day. They also entertain me all day and keep me busy all the time.

Friends matter to me. They suport me and give me good advice as well as my family. They entertain me all day and keep me busy. My friends are always there. There are also very fun and funny. My friends are also inportant and matter to me because they are people I can talk to and easily make me feel enjoyable.

Education matters to me. It gives me knowlage I will use for the rest of my life. It also allows many of us to share some ideas and think of ideas too. Education matters because what we do in school will, without a doubt, change what happens in the future.

World matters to me. What we do now changes the future for us and our kids as we grow up. We have to leave a good positive footprint so that things in life will not become failures. We need to be successful so that our kids have the chance of also being successful in life and in school.

In the video, "A Vision of Students Today" by Michael Wesch , technology is taking away our active and persoanl touch. It is a new adiction that allows us to still talk to people but without the personal appearance and life vocal conversations that we used in previous days. With technology people have become lazy, less communicatable and tend to not be able to talk or be as clear as before.

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