Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What Matters to Victor P

                                                                What matters?

Several things in life matter to me however what really matters to me is Chipotle, the Houston Texans, relaxing with my friends and wrestling. All that stuff plays a vital part in my life in all aspects. First, I love eating Chipotle.  No matter how many times I eat there, it never gets old. Every time I get a chance I eat there. Their food's always great quality and tastes great. Next my favorite football team is the Houston Texans. They matter to me because I love watching them play on TV. They're not the best of teams but I always like to cheer for them.  They have awesome colors and my favorite player is on there is Mario Williams. Also I enjoy relaxing with my friends and family. With all the stress in life from school to conflicts with friends and family from time to time, it feels good to be around a bunch of people who care about you. Lastly I enjoy wrestling. It’s a great sport really physical, sports aren’t fun unless there’s contact. Wrestling is really fun you get to beat people down and it’s an easy way to take out anger and frustration. Now you truly know what matters in my life and what I love spending my free time doing.

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