Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What Matters to Jake

What matters? That can be a question about me personally, education, or the world. What matters to me personally are many things. One thing that matters to me personally are friends. Having good friends is important to me because i need people who have my back whenever (outside of family). Another thing that matters to me is that i have success at things i take pride in, like for example, baskeball. It helps me deal with other things in life knowing that i do great in what i take pride in.

What matters in education is a different story. I think there are plenty of things that matter about education. One thing that matters is that the teacher knows what they are doing and that they have expiereince in the subject they are teaching. Another thing that is important is that the students are being active learners, meaning that they are involved and contributing to what the class is doing. One more thing that matters in education is that there is a solid relationship between the students and the teacher and the students with other students.

There a very many things that matter about the world. Something that really matters in the world is peace. If there isnt peace then it is probably costing lives, which isnt good at all. The second thing that matters is that kids are getting educated. Education is very important because it is our future. The last thing that is important about the world is that no one should starve to death. I think that food for the hungry is very important.

What matters to Louis:

There are many things that matter to me in my life. The first thing that matters to me would have to be my family. My dad is the one that helps me with whatever sport I am involved in, whether it was hockey, baseball, or my current sport, running. My dad has always trained me and kept me in line when it comes to schoolwork. My mom is always very important to me, she is the one that helps me with school, drives me to school, and works on my homework with me. I could not accomplish most of things I do with out my mom and dad. My sis, Karly has been a big help with getting me used to Arapahoe.  She is a senior.  Also my grandparents are very important to me.  My grandma is always filling me up with food, and my grandpa is always golfing with me. My family is very important to me.

My religion also is very important to me. I am being raised as a Christian and keep my faith close to me. I am from a Christian school and try to keep the stuff they taught close to my heart. And I plan on keeping track with God my whole life.

Another thing that matters to me in my life is my friends. I have always been very close to my friends, by just having fun and hanging out with them. I am still friends with most of the people I met in kindergarten, and want to continue being friends with them even though most of us are going to different high schools. 

The final thing that matters to me is sports. I am now currently running on Arapahoe’s cross-country team, even though I hated running for most of my life. Before that I tried playing soccer, basketball, baseball, and hockey until I finally found my sport. All in all, many things matter to me, and in my life.

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What matters to Ben Z

Lots of things matter to me, like guitar, lacrosse, music, friends. These things matter to me because they make me who I am today. I got into guitar about a year and a half ago, and I have been really into it since. I play it for hours after school, or when there isn't school, usually in the afternoon. I take lessons and I often times go to other friends houses and play with them. Sometimes I play songs for large crowds.

Lacrosse has been an interest of mine for two years, not very long, but I still like doing it. I don't play it very often, but when I need to get out of the house, I go with friends to the park and play lacrosse with them. I played at my old school, I did several fall programs and summer programs. I plan on playing for Arapahoe.

Also, music matters to me. Wether I listen to it while doing homework, or if I am in the car, music gets me through the day. Bands like Avenged Sevenfold, Iron Maiden, and others are bands that matter to me. I listen to music whenever I am bored, when I do homework, and I always have on ear bud in my ear when I am talking to friends. Friends also matter to me. Friends matter to me because if I need help or am just bored, I can hang out with them. These are the things that matter to me.

What Matters To Justin M...

What matters to me is family, family picks me up when I am down and helps me to get through my days with a smile on my face. They have always been my big supporters. Alex, Nicole, mom and dad are my biggest fans on the sidelines or helpers on homework at home. My brother pushes me to be a better athlete, my mom wants me to be a better person, my dad wants me to accomplish greatness by doing my best, and my sister wants me to lighten up. So overall my family members are pushers who want me to be the best person I can be.

My grandparents matter to me because they love me and are always telling me how great I am. They encourage me to try hard and to be a good person who is loving and kind to everyone that I meet. I always hate leaving their house because it is so warm and welcoming and the real world isn’t as welcoming as their loving environment. They give me cheer and hope that helps me do the right thing when I need to. My grandparents matter to me.

Friends matter to me, there is nothing better than hanging out with your friends one night just doing nothing and goofing around. Friends matter to me because they give me someone to have fun with and to relate to when I need it. They also help me be the best person by influencing me with the right choices. They give me a shoulder to lean on and a partner to laugh with and I love how my friends treat me. Friends are one of the greatest parts of life and they matter to me a lot.

Sports are a big part in my life to, they matter to me a lot and I am always trying to improve my skills and work on new things. Football pushes me to limits but is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. It shows that hard work will get you anywhere you need in life. Wrestling is also one of my sports that I want to thrive in and make myself better. I push myself to the limits of my body and do my best. My coaches inspire me to be a better person and work hard in everything that I do in life. I am also a skier who just likes enjoying the mountain and flying around. The freedom is what I like best about skiing it is just me and the mountain. Sports help me be a better person in life and teach me to work hard in everything I do that is why they matter to me.

School matters to me because I want to make it far in life and school is the way to get there. I need to work hard and do the best I can. Teachers inspire me to do better and teach me that school is the key to unlocking goals in life. I also enjoy learning new things that I didn’t know before. I know that school will get me far in life and that I just need to work hard. That is why school matters to me.

School, friends, family, and sports all matter to me because those are all chapters in my book of life and the book is about what matters to me and how it will affect my life later on. If I master all of the concepts in each of the chapters of life, I will live the life of dreams.

What Matters to me, Nick Farmen

Everything in my life whether it’s something I do, something I believe in, or the people I see, they all matter to me. These things include close friends, family, faith, music, and sports!

My closest friends are Abigail and Jacob. Though one of these people lives half a globe away, they both still have infinite worth to me. These two friends matter to me because I can go to them at anytime and open-up. Not only will they listen to what I have to say, but they aren’t afraid to tell me what I need to hear. I am thankful for them everyday

My family is all I have. When I have nowhere else to turn, they will always be there. My family matters me greatly because they make me stronger with laughter and truth.

God is my rock. My Christian beliefs have opened my eyes to see my calling in life, and helped me to determine right from wrong. Being a Christian is more than just words, however, I attend church every Sunday to better familiarize myself with the reason that I am on this earth. God matters so much to me, because I would not be where I am today without him.

Holla! Music is what relieves me from my day to day stresses, whether it’s from being at school or from the large sums of school workloads. Another reason why music matters a lot to me is because it gives me a chance to be creative by writing lyrics, and to be myself by dancing and jamming to the beat.

Blood, sweat, and tears are all that come from sports, but I love it! Baseball, Tennis, and Basketball give me a chance to not only stay fit, but to help me pursue my dream of one day becoming a professional athlete. Sports doesn’t just matter to me, it gives my life a meaning, and can gain you respect. Through sports I can take on volunteer opportunities, and donate my time and one day my money, to the children and people in the world that are less fortunate.

From God and the people that make me better to the sports that can make everyone better, I love my life and everything in it matters.

What matters to Connor ...

There are many things that matter to me in life. Things like family, friends, sports and having fun. I'd say I have a pretty great life with all of the sports I do and all of the trips I go on with my family. 

My family is really important to me and I'm glad we are all really close. My mom, Lisa, and dad, Andy, are good parents that are cool and also discipline me and make me a better person. I have two awesome brothers Madison, who is older than, and Austin, who is younger than me. My older brother is awesome and I think I am more close to him than my younger. I go to him for advice and I also like hanging with him and his friends.

My grandpa is really important to me. He passed away last May and it was pretty hard. He was an amazing person and was a really strong christian. He taught me to work hard at things I want to achieve, discipline, and to never give up. He was great role model and helped me become a better person.

I love to play sports, I have played football, basketball, lacrosse, tennis, golf, baseball, mountain biking, and I love to go skiing. Right now I play tennis and ski season is coming soon so I'm not playing a winter sport so I can go skiing a lot this winter. I am probably going to do lacrosse in the spring and if not ill be lifting and working out because that is what I like to do in my free time.

Lastly, but most importantly what matters to me is my faith. God is a big part of my life and has helped me through a lot of things and shaped me into a better person. 

What matters to me Jon D

 There are may things that matter to me the the most important is family. I have two brothers one little and one older. I have a mom and a father. My Dad is always pushing me to be my best and is always there to help. He is huge into golfing and passed his skill and love onto my other brothers. My mother is always asking me if in need help and other times forcing it on me. My older brother is always pushing me to be better. He always tells me "if your going to make a mistake make it at a hundred miles an hour.". My little brother and I have always been very close. We like doing the same things and love to hang out.

Religion comes in a very close second for me. I barley ever go to church but i think that i would like to more often. I really was very UN religious for most my life but about sixth grade i started becoming an atheist there for i was terrified to die but i began to pray and never have had doubts since.

Friends I have quite a few friends. In my neighbor hood we are always air softing or trying to go paintball.

Sports are also very important to me. I just started lacrosse this year so i cant say much about that. But I have been doing Tae Kwon Do for six years and have my second degree black belt. I enjoy and know as many people at Arapahoe from my studio as from my middle school.


"What Matters" to Marco Z

Family matters to me...
Family has always been their when friends couldn't (or wouldn't) be there and they always encourage you. Family has been very important over these last couple of years with high school already started and Type 1 Diabetes they have always been there for me. My parents are always helping and governing my diabetes and it's helpful. My sister tries to learn as much as she can but she's just too young. Once I was diagnosed my parents where the ones taking notes and paying attention (while I didn't understand how serious diabetes is).

Friends matters to me...
Friends are people you have known for a long time or people you are just getting to know. Friends are just people you get along with, they make you feel like you got someone to talk to who won't say "Don't hate me but, who are you?" In every social gathering who won't start looking for friends.

Food matters to me...
Food is a very important thing to me, it's yummy yet filling. Food is also what keeps everyone alive, without it we wouldn't get our daily nutrition (I don't think i get it know). It also is something I have to closely monitor for diabetes.

What Matters to Victor P

                                                                What matters?

Several things in life matter to me however what really matters to me is Chipotle, the Houston Texans, relaxing with my friends and wrestling. All that stuff plays a vital part in my life in all aspects. First, I love eating Chipotle.  No matter how many times I eat there, it never gets old. Every time I get a chance I eat there. Their food's always great quality and tastes great. Next my favorite football team is the Houston Texans. They matter to me because I love watching them play on TV. They're not the best of teams but I always like to cheer for them.  They have awesome colors and my favorite player is on there is Mario Williams. Also I enjoy relaxing with my friends and family. With all the stress in life from school to conflicts with friends and family from time to time, it feels good to be around a bunch of people who care about you. Lastly I enjoy wrestling. It’s a great sport really physical, sports aren’t fun unless there’s contact. Wrestling is really fun you get to beat people down and it’s an easy way to take out anger and frustration. Now you truly know what matters in my life and what I love spending my free time doing.

What Matters to Me: Jack D

There are many things that matter to me:  my family, soccer, my future and Geneva Glen.  My family is very important to me because they support me in almost every thing that I do.  Without my family, my life would be very boring and I would feel disconnected and alone.  My brother, Seth, is a senior at Arapahoe High School and plays varsity soccer.  He is a big role model in my life, for soccer as well as demonstrating good character.  My mother is a cancer survivor and a nurse.  She helps me through many of the struggles I have had in my life.  She helps me get through problems in my life because she is a great person to talk with.  My dad is a non profit fund raiser who also sings when he is not working.  Soccer and snowboarding also matter me greatly.  Soccer matters to me because I have been playing since I have been 5 years old, and many of my friends play soccer as well.  It is a fun experience that teaches you discipline and allows you to improve and grow with each year you spend committed to the sport.  Snowboarding matters to me because it is a cool and unique experience that many people do not get a chance to experience in their lifetime.  I am lucky to live in Colorado and that I can drive to the mountains to snowboard easily.  My future matters to me because I want to make the right choices with what I do for the rest of my life.   I realize now that day to day choices that I make will impact my future and so I strive to do well and make good choices.  Geneva Glen is a camp I go to.  It matters to me because it has made me develop characteristics that I would not have had if I had not gone there.  Unlike most camps that are just about having fun, Geneva Glen is about developing good character in men and women.  In the future I would like to work at this camp as either a counselor or on the work crew.  I have been going for nine years and would like this to continue as long as possible.  Geneva Glen has given me the ability to stand up for what I know is right and the ability to connect with others through sharing good morals and behavior that reflects my integrity.  Clearly all of these things are a big part of my life and I will cherish these things forever.

Scrib 4

Today we started off the day by putting our blog addresses into smiths computer and went over the what matters blog that’s due tomorrow. Than smith showed us the four keys that work on every computer. Make sure that you post your “a vision of students today” on your personal blog and your “what matters” on the class blog. Today’s homework is your what matters blog and vocab word.make sure you do your picture collage at http://picasa.google.com/.After that we went over what happened in rope and watched rope for the rest of the class.

"What Matters". . .jakeG

Family matters to me. They support me and give me good advice all day. My family keeps me feeling good about my self and keeps me going every single day. I love them a lot and care for them each and every day. They also entertain me all day and keep me busy all the time.

Friends matter to me. They suport me and give me good advice as well as my family. They entertain me all day and keep me busy. My friends are always there. There are also very fun and funny. My friends are also inportant and matter to me because they are people I can talk to and easily make me feel enjoyable.

Education matters to me. It gives me knowlage I will use for the rest of my life. It also allows many of us to share some ideas and think of ideas too. Education matters because what we do in school will, without a doubt, change what happens in the future.

World matters to me. What we do now changes the future for us and our kids as we grow up. We have to leave a good positive footprint so that things in life will not become failures. We need to be successful so that our kids have the chance of also being successful in life and in school.

In the video, "A Vision of Students Today" by Michael Wesch , technology is taking away our active and persoanl touch. It is a new adiction that allows us to still talk to people but without the personal appearance and life vocal conversations that we used in previous days. With technology people have become lazy, less communicatable and tend to not be able to talk or be as clear as before.

What Matters to Me.

There are several things in this world that matter to me. First of all, Family matters to me. I am one of 6 kids, so my siblins and I are very close. Over time,a family gets very close together. My family has always been close. My oldest sister is currently 25 an I being the youngest being 13.I love my family. Next an most importantly, I am very strong in my faith. I know that there is a superior being called God. I have strong roots in my faith. I love my faith and it matters to me. Next, food matters to me. I enjoy cooking and doing things in the kitchen. I hace appreciated food my whole life. I like the fact that 2 completely unique flavors can combine and make a whole new one. I love food. Lastly, I have always had a big thing for longboarding. It started one day when my brother bought his first longboard. At first I thought it was lame, but when I tried it, I fell in love with it. I like it because it feels like your flying swiftly down a hill. It is the most relaxing feeling, unless you get the speed wobbles which is the freaking scariest feeling known to man. It is when you get some speed and you end maneuvering from side to side super fast. It is very frightening. When it happens, you have one of two choices, first, you can bail and get super scratched up or you can hope to the good Lord that if you stay on that they go away. Typically when you choose choice number two you end up in a nasty bloody fall. I always recommend bailing. Longboarding and all these other things are matters that I care about.

What matters... to Eli Stickney

What matters to me is my family. They're such a huge part of my life and they continueously help and encourage me. Also they they never stop telling me to push forward and to never give uo so that i can achieve my goals.
What matters is religeon. Religeon matters to me because I full hardedly believe that God has helped me through every aspect of my life. There was a story about a man who walked next to God and when times where hard God's footsteps next to him disappeared. At the end of his life the man asked God, "Why did you leave me when times got hard, Lord". God replied,"I never left you when times got hard, lokk behind you," he looked behind himself and saw four steps instead of two showing that God and begun to carry him through the hard times. This has really guided my life twords God and my faith forever.
What matters is sports. Sports matter because they help to keep my grades up since you have to be doing well to be an athalete at Arapahoe. Also they help to keep me in shape and good health so that I can live my life to the fullest.

Monday, August 30, 2010

What Matters to Paul Cheever…

Family matters, family is a big part of my life because I spend a lot of time with them, its very big, and I love them. In my immediate family I have a sister named Marlo, and my mom and dad Janet and John .My sister plays soccer and softball which means that I have to go to most of her games. My dad John is 46 and plays in a soccer league that is 35 and older and plays slow pitch softball at Cornerstone Park. A lot of my friend’s parents are on his softball game so I go to a lot of them. My dad works for Aggregate Industries, and has worked there most of his working career, he is an engineer. My mom was a realtor a couple of years ago and only sold one house in 6 months so stopped being a realtor and went back to being a stay at home mom. Another big part of my life is my dogs. I have four dogs, Skittles, Skippy, Charlie, and Gamin. Skittles and Skippy are 4 and 6 and they are caviler king Charles cocker spaniels. Charlie and Gamin are 14 and 9, and they are poodles. I also have a cat whose name is J.C and is 14. Charlie and Gamin where my grandpa’s dogs but he passed away last year so we have had them living in our house for about a year. I also play sports a lot. I am currently playing on the boy’s fresmen/softmore team. Due to practice I am at Arapahoe until about 6pm on most weekdays. This spring I am going to tryout for the boy’s baseball team. I have been play baseball and soccer since I was only six years old. That is what matters to me.

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August 30 Connor Banks

Today’s Monday August 30, 2010 and when we walked in the class today Smith was playing Savior by Rise Against. The home work for today is to finish your what matters post. We learned that Alfred Hitchcock is probably the best director and he does horror movies. Contest: who can find the most literary terms in the video rope by Thursday. The winner will get to chose from one of Smiths many treats. Our vocab word for today is misogynist. You will have to look it up and find the part of speech, and the definition by Wednesday. We went over the literary terms in class… and it was pretty boring. Finally we finished going over the terms and then we watched the movie Rope by Alfred Hitchcock. It was an interesting movie. That was one of the boring classes I’ve had and its finally over.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

What matters to Miles G.

 What matters to Miles G....
My parents matter to me.  Without them i wouldn’t have made it too far in life.  In fact without my parents i wouldn’t even be alive.  They always encourage me to be a good student  and stay involved with my school.  They have loved me even when I mess up.
My education matters to me.  I am not always the best student but I try to prioritize school.  I am bummed when I forget to do a project.  I hate knowing that my grades are low.  I try to be friendly with my teachers because it is easier to go to class with a teacher you like.
My brother matters to me.  He has been a good companion and is usually fun to be around.  He has changed my personality to make me more outgoing and daring.  Our actions still clash a lot but we can still get along.
My religion matters to me.  I believe that Jesus died for me and my sins on the cross.  I love going to church and learning about God’s love and power.  I have gone on a few mission trips with my church and my life has been changed in the process.
My fitness matters to me.  I try hard to stay in shape.  My favorite activity is running.  I have been involved in many sports.  I am currently on my high school’s cross country team and signed up for lacrosse.  I love to play sports and hop o can continue doing it for a long time.

What matters to Davis

There is a lot of things that matter to me...
      Skateboarding matters to me. Skateboarding will never get boring. I can skateboard anywhere there is concrete. I can skateboard with my friends or alone and it is just as fun ether way.
      Family matters to me. My family helps me with a lot of things and makes sure that i do good in school. 
      Friends matter to me. Without friends i would be bored all the time and would have nothing to do. 
      Snowboarding matters to me. Snowboarding is one of the most fun things that i have ever done. It is a activity that i can do with family and friends and is good exercise too.
      Lacrosse matters to me. I think lacrosse is the most fun sport there is. I like how the game is played, and i have met many friends while playing it too.
      School matters to me. School teaches us everything we need to know in order get have a good life. With out it i would not have a good enough education to get a good job and make money.

What matters to Noah:

Family matters to me, my mom helps push me to do homework and get good grades. My dad shows nothing but unconditional love towards me. My brother and sisters help show me the joy in life and are fun and playful. My grandparents spoil me all of the time which is important sometimes.

Music is important to me because guitar is one my only main hobbies and I play everyday. I like a lot of different kinds of music, from classical to real rap. Knowing different music has actually helped me meet new people. For example today I went into a store and I heard Freedom Jazz Dance by Miles Davis playing and told my dad I didn’t like this kind of jazz because of the unsynchronized instruments and the man at the register told me what its called and that people share the same dislike for as me.

I have high moral standards of friends and respect is definitely one of them. Being respected by peers is important to me because without it self esteem and self integrity would go down and in return I am respectful of them.

Staying healthy and exercising is very important to me because when I don’t exercise I feel disgusting and not healthy. So, in order to make myself feel good I exercise on a daily basis. Also working out helps get me in better habits and makes it so I don’t eat a lot of junk food which also makes me feel healthier.

Keeping a light hearted sense of life is significant in keeping a healthy life style and something I feel I am very good at. I like making people laugh and love when other people make me laugh.
What Matters to Chase Brasher…
Family matters to me. My family is very important to me and has been for as long as I can remember. My brother, Trey Brasher, has always been influential in my life and I look up to him as a role model. Also my mom and dad are always there for me and are very supportive and want for me to succeed.
Skiing matters to me. Skiing not only gives me a fun winter activity but is also a time for me to spend time with family and friends. My family shares a mountain home with another family in Winter Park, Colorado and I enjoy spending time with them.
Soccer matters to me. Soccer is a very fun sport that I love participating. Playing on a team really makes me feel part of something bigger and invokes a sense of unity in me. I also like soccer because it is an enjoyable way of staying in shape and staying healthy.
Skateboarding matters to me. Skateboarding is a great sport that I can do alone or with my friends. One thing I love about skateboarding is that there is not pressure. If you make a mistake you will not let down your team because you have not team. Another reason I like skateboarding is because you can always learn new tricks so it will never become boring.
Music matters to me. Without music life would be bland and boring. I rely on music to brighten my day and cheer me up when I am down. I enjoy most music and listen to music as much as possible.
Wakeboarding matters to me. Wakeboarding is a very enjoyable activity that I do with my family. The first and foremost reason I like wakeboarding is the feeling of just riding on top of the water. But I also enjoy spending time with family and friends and traveling to different lakes. My family and I have traveled to many different lakes over the years all equally cool and have had a blast just enjoying each other’s company and wakeboarding.

What matters to Eric

There are many things that matter to me My mom always helps me if I make a mess or if I need help on homework. She also gets me what I need and what I want. My mom also is always there when I have a question or need help.
My dad taught me to do many things like ride a bicycle and ski. He always helps me get the job done right.
My grandpa has always built stuff for me and helps me when I am confused. He is also a lot of fun to joke around with.
My grandma always got me the best presents and always helped me when I needed it. She also does almost anything to make me happy.
My uncle has taught me to do many things and always took our family out to do fun things. He is also a role model to me because he has done so many things.
My aunt as always helped me and took out family out to do fun things.
My brothers have always been there to toughen me up. They are also fun to cause trouble with when my parents are gone
My cousins have always been there to make our vacations more fun.
Sports matter to me they have always been fun and kept me busy. They also let me become more fit and make knew friends.
My friends matter to me they are always fun to hang out with. They are also always there to help me in bad times.
School matter to me it will help me have a better life in the future.
What matters to Riley Dechiro:

Family matters to me. Anne (mom), Jeff (dad), and Chloe (sister). They get me through everything in life, thick and thin. We all keep each other going, even though we may strongly dislike one another at one point in time, I can always trust my family, and we can push through.

My mom matters to me, because she helps me with everything. She gets me to everywhere I need to go. She pays for all stuff that I need. She pushes me and helps me succeed through school, sports, and more important life.

My dad matters to me, because he is always there for me. Sure he is gone and away a ton, but I know when he comes back, we will have a blast. He is a great mentor, and a great father.

My sister matters to me. Even though a lot of the time she annoys me so much that I just want to throw her at a brick wall, she teaches me lessons. Some good. Some bad.

My friends matter to me. I think that they are the main reason why who I am to this day. They are always there for me and keep me laughing. I have never lost a friend and I will continue to gain some. They are the links that lead me to success.

JD matters to me. He is my best friend and I couldn’t do anything without him.

Sports matter to me. I have been playing soccer since I was three, and I’m not going to give up. I love playing it, and it gets my mind off things. I will continue to play it, to become the best I can be.

School matters to me. If I had no school, then I would have no future. I have to keep my grades up, so when I am older, I can live the life that I want to live.

Music matters to me. I love listening to it. My favorite is Eminem. Whenever a song pops up, it doesn’t matter who I’m with I sing it out loud. I am not afraid of getting embarrassed.

My coach matters to me. He is like the brother I never had. He has taught me so much. He is my mentor.

Life matters to me. Because what’s the point of life if you don’t live in it.

"What Matters"

What Matters to Brenden Temple,

Family matters to me, family is one of the most important things in my life because they always make me happy and we keep each other laughing. My family supports me in everything I do from school to lacrosse.

My Mom matters to me because she buys lots of things for me like cloths, lacrosse equipment, a puppy, and school supplies. My mom also helps keep me organized, cooks all my meals, and drives me everywhere.

My Dad matters to me, he takes me to all types of sporting events, my lacrosse practices, and tells me what I can do to improve my lacrosse skills. He also makes sure I do my homework at night and gives me advice for my schoolwork.

Lacrosse matters to me because it is my favorite sport to play and watch. I enjoy playing lacrosse because it is a very physical game, fast paced, competitive, and "is like hockey but has balls." Lacrosse has also let me meet new people.

School matters to me because it will help me in the future by helping me get a successful career with whatever I choose to have as a career. Also has let me make lots of new friends and great new teachers that help me learn new subjects.

Friends matter to me, because they always keep me laughing and entertained everyday.

My Dog Katie, matters to me because she keeps me active by walking her and playing with her everyday. Katie also matters to me because of the unconditional love she give to me and my family.

Keeping healthy matters to me because it helps in lacrosse so I can play better and just generally keeping healthy so I can be competitive in everything I participate in like when I play sports with my friends

Karma matters to me because it seems to follow me everywhere I go. That's why I try to be a very good student and son so I will have good karma

Relgion is important to me because I strongly believe in God even though I dont go to church all that much. He s still very important in my life.
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Friday, August 27, 2010

Scribe2 August 27 Jordan Appler

Today we went over the correct prompt for a blog on PLN’s.  They are: author, title, what matters, why, link to the site, summarize, connections to self and world and conclusion. An example of a topic sentence for PLN1 from class is, “A  Vision of Students Today” by Dr Michael Welch, shows that technology rules people’s lives because technology is entertaining.  Then we got time to blog if some people forgot. We need to do PLN2 “what matters” on your class blog for homework. It is due Monday or Tuesday. Put any pictures for “what matters” in a folder on a jump drive. Create collage on Picasa.com. Post on class blog. Today's class wasn’t boring but it wasn’t fun.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Anne Smith- What Matters?

What Matters? All throughout the first semester, we are going to explore the issue of what matters- what matters to you, in literature, and how does it relate to the world around us. This is one of your first assignments where you are going to create a visual of what matters to you.

What Matters to Anne Smith...

Family matters to me. Growing up and Now...
Growing up...I have always felt blessed to have grown up with my family of 3 brothers (Matt, Keith and Adam) as well as a great dad and mom. Being the only girl, nothing less was expected of me than what my brothers could accomplish. My brothers pushed me (figuratively and literally) and I really am grateful to have had three such distinctive brothers watching over me.

My husband matters to me. Jeff is an amazing example of what it means to be a man, husband, and father. He sets a tremendous example for our children to follow. He is my encourager and supporter giving me the freedom and space to grow into the best person I can be. I love him so much and am so thankful that I get to spend my life with him.

My Dad matters to me. My dad told me growing up a few pieces of advice: one, girls don't swear; two, girl don't smoke; and three; don't be a wussy. Somehow this advice has always stuck with me and made me into the person I am today.

My Mom matters to me. My mom's piece of advice to me whenever I would walk out the door was, " Anne, remember who you are." This has stuck with me because no matter who I was going out with whether it be friends or on a date, it reminded me that the choices I make reflect my values and beliefs.

Now... Jeff, Jackson, Emma and Will. Having a family of five, there is never a dull moment. What matters to me is teaching my kids to be the best human beings they can be....listening to others, giving to others, realizing you can never give or get enough hugs, and most importantly, realizing that competition is the essence of life! (Just kidding) Whether they want to be an artist, athlete, or rock star ( I vote rock star), I just want them to lead happy and fulfilling lives. As I said before, I have always felt so blessed growing up, that I want them to experience many of the same things I did. As for Jeff, what matters to me about him is that I feel like I can do more than I have ever done and am supported in all that I want to do.

Jerry, Nancy, Jenn, Greg and Kailey matter to me because the openly accepted Emma and I into their lives and we have been better for it! Thanks for all the hugs and laughter. My sisters in laws matter to me because they bring out the best in me- Jessica keeps me smiling and laughing always feeling loved, and Libby keeps me humble and mindful of thanking God for all I have.

Friends matter to me. This may surprise some of you, but I have never been the best with friends. However, after moving to Colorado, I feel like I know why. I have been accepted, encouraged, supported, and loved by so many people here. I can't thank enough Jeff, Kristin, Lauren, Maura, Cara, Jessie, Andrea, and all my other AHS buddies! You guys really are the best! (That sounds cheesy but I can't think of another way to say it.)

Education matters to me. I have always liked school. I have had amazing teachers and coaches who helped me realize school is more than just studying and regurgitating information back to them. I wanted to do the same for other kids. I wanted to be a teacher that could show students all they could become. I didn't want them to think learning ends when you are done with your class, or high school or college, but that we should want to be life long learners (continual learners). I want this to matter to my students! With education comes reading; I think it is so important that you read everyday. It is one of my favorite things to do to relax.

Working out matters to me. I think taking care of your body physically helps all areas of your life. You are more mentally prepared to handle the challenges each day brings. As I said before, competition is a important part of life to me. I think there isn't anything wrong with working hard towards a goal and achieving it. I have competed in athletics for most of my life from figure skating, golf, swimming, track, cross country, soccer, and my favorite, volleyball. All of the activities not only matter just because of the competition, but because I had great coaches, and friends I met.

Faith matters to me. Although I don't have a picture up of a cross, or God or any other symbol of my faith, believing in God has always been an important part of my life. My parents raised me to be a child of God, and I have continued on that path. He has done amazing things in my life and provided for me so often. He truly is great.

Scribe # 1

When we walked into her class, there was music on her computer playing. Smith forgot to do the “Good morning everyone….Good morning Smith,” thing. She taught us about a new thing in the class that we will be doing called scribes. 1 person a day gets chosen to be the class scribe for the day. The scribe is supposed to record and type everything that went on in the class that day. That is why I am typing this today. She then told us to read a sheet called Personal Learning Networks which can be accessed on her webpage. A personal learning network is a place you can go to for information. Blogs, RSS feeds, websites and numerous other sources can be used as PLN’s I think. She then had us access a Google Reader page. We had to copy all of the hyperlinks on the PLN page and add them as subscriptions which you can do by pasting the hyper link on the add subscription button located near the top left of the Google Reader Page. Here is a link to her webpage so you can access the PLN page.http://arapahoe.littletonpublicschools.net/Default.aspx?tabid=1923
The links are located on the bottom part of page 1 on the Personal Learning Network page. Then we were assigned to watch a short little movie thing. Go to the website for our class. On the left side of the page under the little black box with different classes, is where you will find the video. It is the top video listed as PLN1. Then we have to write a paper on the video on your blog. It needs a topic sentence, title , author,hyperlinkto the video, what matters, summarize what matters like you, education, world, and concluding sentence.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


What are the qualities of good teachers? of good students? of a good class?

Think about your answers before you post them. Make sure to proofread your response.

Also, make sure to come back and comment upon one another's comments. Do you agree or disagree with what they are saying?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer Reading

Over the summer, you were asked to read at least two novels of your choice.

1) Briefly tell me what you read, including the titles and authors.
2) I want to know what you liked about the books, what you learned and, more importantly, what matters to you about the book's content.

*Make sure to adhere to proper conventions and proofread your response. If, for some reason, you did not read two novels, tell me about two novels you have read and answer the above.